Wednesday, December 31, 2014

adieu 2014


It was a heavy lifting and packing day at work! Went in to Poulsbo and helped pack up the two stores. Took down the lights from the tree, put some things in boxes to be priced for the store and put other things in a donation pile. It was a cold windy morning and my jacket remained on through the day's duties. I even got a coffee and it put pep in my step. Bill came to help move some shelves. Nice that it's all packed up. The antique mall part of the job is done with for now. Back on site, we rearranged the garage and now everything is in neater stacked boxes AND the van can be parked inside. So a good full day of work. At home I got cozy and watched Almost Famous and had some pasta.

My milk has gone sour already. I can't add it to mac n cheese fast enough.


I was so warm, so cozy. Hard to roll out of bed. Didn't manage it till after noon. But I did get up. Had breakfast and a pot of tea. Worked online. Washed dishes. I didn't light a fire, but now I kinda wish I did because the house is still cold. But I'll be in bed soon. Have New Years plans, but no plans at my house. No party happening.

2015. Finally. What a long year it has been. A year to remember. A year of growth and progress and change. A year with some loss.

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