Saturday, February 9, 2013

good night & sucky afternoon


I am finishing Saturday with a bottle of wine and period BBC television. Oh, and chili.

DOWNTON ABBEY!? WHAT THE HELL? You don't end a perfectly happy final episode on that note! That just...is just too mean. Boo! I am watching the final episode of Parade's End. Finally finishing up TV that has been in my queue for a while now.

Earlier today I ran some errands, and I parked downtown and put 30 minutes on the meter, but my errand ended up taking 35 and it was somewhere in that 5 minute window that I got a ticket. Bummer! Should have put in more. Better safe than...well ticketed. Anyway, I paid my ticket and put it in the mail to get sent off. No use fighting it. At least it was an unexpired meter ticket, not a improperly parked ticket.

And since I was in such a good mood from that ordeal, I filed my taxes as well. Hurray, I'll be getting money back! Enough money equal to about one paycheck, which will be sweet. I'll plop that right into my savings.

Early in the day was nice. Slept in, had some oatmeal, drew some more magnets.


Work was short. We were running a job right when I got in, and that lasted a few good many hours worth of catching. Asked coworker for burger place recommendations. Just can't quite get the best burger in this town.

Boxed the job. Ran the front in black on four shirts, and swapped in the white and Boss roto'd that, and that was that. There will be a good amount of work to be done on Monday. Shirts to count, jobs to run. But that is good. Good to have light weeks and heavy ones. I'm ready for a big week.

After work I got my chili simmering. Janet's mom is in town for the weekend and I met her, and she gave me a big hug. Very sweet lady. Steve came down with a bottle of lovely wine to accompany the chili. A very nice dinner. Afterwards, we all (he, I, Janet, Janet's mom) played rummy. Steve and I paired and won the first round, but didn't come close in the second though we did do some nice plays.

It was a lovely night. I enjoy staying in and learning new games.

Friday, February 8, 2013

is it really Thursday already?

Had a very sparse day at work. I mopped the floors, though I don't like mopping because all mopping does is spread the cleaning solution and dirt around, it doesn't really life the dirt up that much. You just gotta scrub it with a sponge. Though the dirt on the floor at work is pretty dang affixed.

I also reclaimed some screens, including my own. Now they are all clean and ready for more art!

Left pretty early, as Boss was on site doing stuff. It was okay to leave early, I talked to the Boss.

I washed my car, as it was a bit dirty. It was a nice enough day too, and it is February! It's nice to have a clean car again. It's all shiny. I went and got chili fixings. There was a shopping cart abandoned in the parking lot next to where I parked my car, so I walked it back to where it belongs. It felt like a Chinese food sort of night, so I went to Yan Flower and got some beef with broccoli, rice and sweet and sour. I ate half of each and all of the rice and then spent a few hours just digesting. I ate way too much. But now I'll have lunch tomorrow! And lunch for Saturday! And once I cook the chili, I'll have that for the following week. Chili, burrito filling, PB&J, oh there is also the enchilada casserole. I like making things that last just until I am sick of eating them (which is about a week). Need to add more things to this list.

Did my work laundry. In my only pair of long work jeans, I wore a hole in the thigh, where thighs rub, so I fixed it with an iron on patch. Booyah!

So tomorrow is chili date night. Yay! Here is a cool video:

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wednesday, woah the week is half way over already!!

AHk, keep getting distracted by other parts of the Internet!

Anyway, I spent a chunk of time this morning on the phone with the DMV, and it took 17 minutes for the automated message to inform me I could make an appointment online, and it turns out I can't even get an appointment to take my test till the 21st. All that hurry for nothing!

Work was relatively short. Cleaned up the area a bit. Unboxed some shirts. Did some more tidying. Cut stickers. Listened to Snow Crash.

Tomorrow I'll probably do some mopping. It's another sort of seasonal studio clean, I figure. Also reclaiming.

At home I had a scramble for dinner. I tidied up my room a bit. I ran a shampoo procuring errand. That was about it.

Have some more cleaning to do tomorrow, and food shopping. Making chili on Friday, and Steve is coming down. I like Steve. He's a tall bearded ginger who is well read. Of course I like him. Hee hee. He is also nice and easy to talk to, which is always good. Hm. Don't usually talk about people like this in my blog. Welp. There it is.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

nazdar in the house

Ahk! How is it 1am! I keep staying up late and sleeping in. Not that I've been having trouble arriving at work on time, I always do.

Tomorrow before work I shall call the DMV and make an appointment for Thursday morning to get that license thingy.

At work I coated the screens and listened to Snow Crash and caught some shirts and double coated & hardened some screens. Not a bad day. A full day, but it is good to have full days.

Made way too much pasta when I got home and went into a food coma for a bit. Did laundry. Spent another $10 of my Amazon gift certificate. Only have $10 left. Duh duh duhhhh. I've bought five books with it thus far, so that is pretty good.

Tomorrow I must make myself get up earlier so I can make that appointment and wash my hair.

Monday, February 4, 2013

elementary my dear Joan

It was a solo day at work. Finished both The Maze Runner (not interested enough to move on to the next in the series, even though it is young adult the narrative style came across as really flat) and Nine Princes of Amber (the book felt very abridged and it was interesting, but the production on the audiobook was really weird). So I listened to Cabin Pressure.

25 screens were cleaned, 1 was set aside for future re-running, 4 were taped up for and imminent re-running of the job, and so 20 were reclaimed. Haven't done that in a few weeks. It was a good day for it. I also cleaned squeegees and floodbars. Not a bad start to the week.

In my audiobook queue now is Snow Crash and A Confederacy of Dunces.

At home I took a bath and read in the bath, something I am doing a lot more lately. It is a nice way to wind down after work, and then I climb into jammies all clean and smelling of lavender (the epsom salts have lavender in them, mmm).

Elementary is such a super cute Sherlock Holmes modern adaptation. Well, the chemistry between Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) and Watson (Lucy Liu) is really cute. It's a fairly standard police procedural, but it is quite charming. Sherlock wears great shirts:

Those are great shirts! I want them!

Anyway. Monday. And it is two minutes till Tuesday, so time to go to bed.

blunt the knives and bend the forks...

If I finished my California Driver Handbook, I promised that I would treat myself to The Hobbit as a reward. And I did finish it! So I saw the Hobbit, and it was lovely. I had my eye out for the Dwarf ladies with their muttonchops, and they did not disappoint. The goblin escape fight gets better and better each time. It was a lovely note to end my weekend on.

And now that I am done with that booklet, it is time to get my license! Wheee!

Slept in. Had my big scramble breakfast. Suffered through the booklet.

Now to go to sleep. Another work week commences! The screens are stacking up and are in need of cleaning. That will probably happen tomorrow...reclaiming soon!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

the speed limit in an alley is 15 mph

Spent the day working my way through the California Driver Handbook. Learned that drivers CAN go into the bike lane to turn, so long as they do so in under 200 feet from their turn. There were a few contradictory bits, like pedestrians give right-of-way to drivers at places that are not intersections and crosswalks, but drivers give right-of-way to pedestrians at ALL TIMES. Which is it? Anyway. I shall finish the guide tomorrow, and that will be that. Then I just gotta get up early and go to the DMV and take the test and hopefully they won't throw anything out of left field at me.

I was woken up by doggy kisses.

Had bacon eggy scramble. Watched some telly. Chatted with Janet. Lazed about the house.

Once I get the license, then I am a Californian. Then I can start getting all the official California stuff, like insurance and AAA.

Adulthood, here I come!