Saturday, November 14, 2015

connecting a to b

Ah what a weird couple days. Thursday I felt like I took wrong turn after wrong turn. Or maybe just making dumb mistakes and not thinking. I picked up a Christmas Tree at the tree farm, but the gate was closed so I walked up to the barn to grab it (after saying hi to Sylvia)...but the gate wasn't locked. It LOOKED locked. But it wasn't. So I could have saved myself about ten minutes off that errands. Oops.

Then I picked up a check at Red Plantation and I called boss to confirm her seller number, which was the same it's always been and I knew what it was. Bloop.

Went to the Freemason's Lodge to help set up for this vintage fair. I made a coffee run too, and got a smaller tree stand for the tree. I got tea for me and was kinda miffed they put in TWO teabags for ONE 16oz cuppa. Like, one bag would be fine. Two is just a waste. Dang you Starbucks with your red anti-Christian cups!

I helped decorate the tree with ornaments for sale, and it was absolute overkill. But...that's the point! I grabbed some photos and then we got lunch in Lynwood and grabbed some client stuff and went back to the house to load up the photos to promote the sale. I helped cut coupons and did a chalk sign for the sale, and pet Bodi, and then headed home.

Traffic gave me an extra hour to my commute. Bleh. Got home, struggled to get a fire really happening. Talked to Ma and Pa. Went to bed early and tossed and turned.

In the morning (Friday) I rearranged the firewood pile, because the two stacks were getting wet and it wasn't really well covered. So I moved it into one stack and put the larger metal sheet over it, and the small sheet is against the stack to keep it from side wind rain. The wind blowing the rain at a diagonal has really drenched my poor wood piles. It's hard to find good dry pieces. Need some sort of shed.

I lit a fire, and it got going this time. I worked from home. Kept an eye on the eBay and client stuff for boss. I'll be doing more work from home tomorrow. It's supposed to rain for days and days. But it is Washington.

Off to bed with me.

I hope 2016 is a less violent year.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

cold winds coming in from the north, or is it the east?

Tuesday & Wednesday

Kinda keeping to this whole two day post schedule, but as I've written about many times...when I'm home I kinda don't get up to much like I used to, so there isn't much to wax rhapsodic about. My internet got slow so I went over to Celia's yesterday and boy was it cold! But I got my work done, and she made soup and it was delicious and filling and hearty. I stoked a fire. The house has been keeping the heat in pretty well, though the madrona really does not give off enough heat.

Yesterday was also stormy. Lots of wind. Raining a bunch too. I haven't done a walk around of the property in a while, I should do that. Hmm.

It's good that it's damp though. I don't have to water the plants! Hurray!

I think I'm close to being finished with the .gif for work. It's looking really good! Just working on the timing of it.

I worked in front of the fire today. Watched telly.

Also due to do a major clean up of the house. Not that it's trashed, but it's slightly cluttered. Just a matter of listening to podcasts and putting away coats and books.

Helping set up for an antique show tomorrow, so off to bed with me. I've been doing better about getting to bed at a decent hour.

Monday, November 9, 2015

big things, private things

The Weekend

Didn't get up to much besides eating some vegetables and sitting in front of the fire. Popped over to Celia's for a bit too. I've been getting hella splinters from the pine. I've got one that has been lodged in my finger for a day now. Hopefully it'll work its way out.

Watched TV. Did some work on the .gif for work. Boss loved it.


Did a Silverdale errand I shant talk about here, but it was a good thing. Did a Trader Joe's run too and got food stuff and candy cane joe joes MMmmm and I dropped off library books that I never got around to reading. Went home. Took a nap. Had a nice dream where I was walking through a dark town meeting people and floating through glowing trees. Then I made a fire, ate some food in respectable portions, and chilled. Tomorrow I'll get to work.