Thursday, August 18, 2016

three for your money

Okay let's see if we can get this blogged before my computer overheats.

There must be some program running the background that's causing it.

Past three days have been work work work. I picked up an extra shift today, so that was good.

It's now super hot, when just a few days ago it was misty and foggy.

We had a couple guests that were birders and I was able to talk some of the talk with them, thanks to mom.

I got my oil changed. Could probably do it myself at this point but ehhh I'd rather not accidentally crush myself under the car. Maybe next change when I have more of a window of miles to work up the courage. It was long overdue at this point. Got food fixings to make curry, though it's not curry weather.

Uhg I hope the play works out and it's not unbearably hot. I wonder if they'd cancel for fear of causing player heat stroke? I'll bring lots of water.

Here's some comics!

Oh and I watered the plants yesterday and did a couple spots today but will probably do it again tomorrow just to make REALLY sure because lord it's dry.

WELP it overheated right as I was loading the comics, but it saved as a draft so I just switched computers and now I'll load them here through Google Drive because the CLOUD is ALL POWERFUL AND CONNECTED!!

Monday, August 15, 2016

stabbing comics

Breakfast shift on Sunday and then a whole bunch of turns and one fluff. I did mostly run around tasks after dishes. We busted it out in good time. Go team us! I got groceries after work and hm something held me up time wise I feel. I didn't take a nap. Today we had seven fluffs and one turn. Did that turn real well. Refreshed the flowers. And G&I did a whole bunch of extra tasks at the end because we were so far ahead. Go us!

I swung by Henerey's Henrery's...how is it spelled? It's not Henry's right? Anyway I swung by to ask about the best cable gate solution/ideas. Galvanized cable with two loops, two eye screws into trees, connected on one end and the lock on the other. Some reflective decoration. Simple, straightforward, inobtrusive. But Dad bought a gate so I guess that's going in. I didn't buy any hardware today as I didn't know what the measurements would be. Anyhoooo. There's another spot that'll need a cable.

At home I took a nap. Then scribbled out a comic. Now I'm going to go retire into bed.