Monday, August 15, 2016

stabbing comics

Breakfast shift on Sunday and then a whole bunch of turns and one fluff. I did mostly run around tasks after dishes. We busted it out in good time. Go team us! I got groceries after work and hm something held me up time wise I feel. I didn't take a nap. Today we had seven fluffs and one turn. Did that turn real well. Refreshed the flowers. And G&I did a whole bunch of extra tasks at the end because we were so far ahead. Go us!

I swung by Henerey's Henrery's...how is it spelled? It's not Henry's right? Anyway I swung by to ask about the best cable gate solution/ideas. Galvanized cable with two loops, two eye screws into trees, connected on one end and the lock on the other. Some reflective decoration. Simple, straightforward, inobtrusive. But Dad bought a gate so I guess that's going in. I didn't buy any hardware today as I didn't know what the measurements would be. Anyhoooo. There's another spot that'll need a cable.

At home I took a nap. Then scribbled out a comic. Now I'm going to go retire into bed.

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