Thursday, September 4, 2014

wednesday tuesday

It's been just over a week since I got back. It feels much longer. I guess when you've been on the road for so long, a few days counts for more than it does when you are just working for the weekend. I don't think I've really digested all that I've done. When I have the time to really do the analysis of it all, then maybe it'll come into scope.

Anyway, today I got my food workers certification! 100% on the online test! Which was this weird flash animation thing that didn't feel all that formal, but hey I learned something! Now I can apply for a wider variety of jobs. Ma, Pa and I went into town. Car parts, Joy Teriyaki (they have removed the polaroids from the walls, sadly), Albertson's. We ate the teriyaki takeout in the park by the water. That hasn't changed.

At home I took the food handler's test, and then worked on my resume. It's at a passable place right now. Could use some tweaking, and as I apply to more jobs it'll be tweaked more. But it's good to have a resume! That's a nice thing to have in order before I go to Santa Cruz and gather my things.

We watched the So You Think You Can Dance finale, it was very sweet and charming and darling. Good for Ricky!

I'm currently watching these days: The Strain, Utopia (not the Fox show, the BBC one), and The Tunnel.

Tomorrow I'll go drop off my resume and stuff. That'll take some time.

Monday, September 1, 2014

my favorite rock

I've been having a lovely time sitting out watching hood canal and reading Me Before You on my Kindle. I sat on my favorite rock with a cuppa coffee that Celia made for me for a good hour at least! And I helped a bit with cleaning the garage. Swept down the cobwebs, vacuumed the stairs, mopped the floor. Celia went in to Chimacum and did the farmers market and food shopping. Celia made an amazing dinner of spaghetti with home made sauce, made from local tomatoes and other fresh local ingredients. SO GOOD! And the leftovers tonight were amazing. We had melted chocolate over ice cream. Celia is wonderful like that. Today I put seaweed from the wrack into buckets that mom spread over the garden beds, and they all taught me to hunt for mushrooms and I found several beautiful chanterelles. Nothing to compared with Mom and Dad's haul, but they are pros. But yeah, it's nice out here. Looking forward to moving in and finding a job and being here. It's quiet, it's peaceful. Yes it is a bit out of the way, but then hopefully that'll incentivise me to get out there and do stuff!

Plaid is back in my wardrobe in a big way.