Saturday, April 19, 2014

next week is my last week of work. dang. the LAST.

Took down the knick knacks from my tetris shelves, packed up 3/4 of my books, and some shirts. It's still not a big chunk. But I guess I gotta halve everything and then halve it again. Just whittle it down instead of making final decisions at the get go, ya know? Anyway. Made some progress at that. I'll make more progress over the weekend. I don't want to take my art down, because that'll make it all barren. But I must!

Anyhoo. Talked to ma and pa. Had a nice little evening in. I'm planning on going to the dog beach tomorrow morning. Gotta see Janet and Joey!

Work was a shorter day. The job ran really well up until the printing over the zipper part, which is very difficult to do well. I coated screens. Refreshed Ryan in how to coat them. I taped and burned. I tided up. I counted. The weather was good. I took some photos with my new shmancy phone, because I have like...no photos of the studio. Even though after nearly two years, I could probably draw it all from memory.

Friday, April 18, 2014


I got up early and called Straight Talk and gave them the info to switch my phone over from Verizon. They said it may take a few hours, but up to 36. So I went to work eagerly anticipating the activation of my ZTE Savvy. Savvy, like a pirate. Hee. Yay.

Anyway, work was all right. Started cold but it warmed up. I peeled the numbers off this vinyl banner and applied new ones. And burned and taped. And did the tertiary stuff. Jeff has been teaching Ryan press & catching stuff. The day went by though, slowly but surely. I burned and double coated some stuff right at the end. Full 8 hours. And now tomorrow is Friday. And then it will be the weekend. And then my last week of work.

I spent the night playing and fiddling about with my phone. I got several apps running. Customized the ring tones. My text message alert is the bing bong from Cabin Pressure and my ring tone is Allam as Richardson singing Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines. I got phones on the wallpaper and photos on the lock screen, and my own lock screen unlock! Anyway, I'm stoked on all the features and I'm pleased thus far. The layout will take some getting used to. Still figuring out where things go and how to turn this and that off. But yay, I am now a smart phone haver!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

that's one of the big things ALMOST out of the way

Bought my phone! A ZTE Savvy. Hopefully it's good! I bought a warranty. $15 and it covers everything except if I lose it or it gets stolen. Works for me, don't wanna drop it and then it breaks and all that. Tomorrow morning I try to set it up! So exciting.

I packed up some clothes and mugs and took a few boxes to my storage unit. I like the storage unit because they have dollies free to use. Makes it so easy. Gotta just take all my stuff bit by bit and go through it. Just sit and sort. And clean out my art supply tackle box to put travel art supplies into it. Just what to take? Ahhh!

I've got two weeks. Dang!

Had pasta for dinner. Mm.

Work. We have a bunch of rush jobs. I counted out tons of shirts. I caught a job. I did banner rope on a banner, which was a multi layering process. Had to put down banner rope to reinforce the edges. Had to tape it down and put double sided tape on top of that. It doesn't stick totally well.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

kinder surprise

House meeting tonight. Justin cooked and damn it was good! Potatoes with bacon, quinoa, chicken in a butternut squash soup thing. Mmm. Very good! I was full but not bloated and all was well. Meeting went good too, surprisingly quick actually. Maybe because half of us are moving out in two weeks, lengthy conversations are not so needed.

Didn't advance on packing, but the meeting took up time. And I went straight from getting home to dinner to meeting. I like to have ~20 minutes after work to myself to just vege and I didn't get that.

I did some banners at work, though these ones needed banner rope. Burned and taped a job. Weeded vinyl. I think I did some other stuff, but I didn't catch. I guess banners and punching out stickers took up most of my time. Not a bad day.

And now my paycheck and return are deposited, so I can go get a smartphone and join the wunderkinder! Or whatever that word is for magical people.

1 down

Officially declared May 25th as my last day at work. That'll give me 5ish days to pack up and clean, without having to rush my weekends.

9 days work days left. Wow.

I caught shirts for most of the day. We had to have the garage door shut due to Ryan sanding outside and us having a vehicle in the garage that couldn't get the sand shavings on it and stuff. Anyway, it got really really stuffy and hot for the majority of printing. We drank lots of water to keep cool, but uhg..

I cleaned some squeegees and floodbars, and coated screens. And told the boss the 25th was the last day.


At home I got to work on an Odd Owl illustration, and I worked on it for many many hours. It took a while to draw, and I didn't get any packing work done. But I'm pleased with the drawing! Haven't heard back about it yet, though.

Watched the moon eclipse. That was neat.

Monday, April 14, 2014

counting down the days and they are dwindling in number

I've got just over two weeks to get all my stuff into storage! Ahhh! Well, I just gotta get the big stuff out of the way in the next couple days. Books, clothes, shelving units. There's a lot of stuff that can be packed straight up. Just gotta start doing it. Gotta figure out when I'm moving my mattress. I could sleep on the couch for a few nights, no problemo. I got my bike into the storage unit today, so that is out of the way. Tomorrow I will pull out all the boxes and stuff I have laying about and start filling them up. Since the complex is open till 10pm, I could drop stuff off on the same day.

What am I going to do with my jade plant though? ARGHH! Well, at least I don't have a kid. Can't put kids into storage.

Anyway. Garth visited me in Santa Cruz. I find myself being so much more social now that I am heading out of town. It's a level of encouragement to see people and hang out. But it's better to create ties and work on friendships and whatnot, as opposed to just closing myself off.

We (Garth & I) went to Zoccoli's and they didn't have any maple candy! Gah! Why have so few people tried that maple candy? It's so good. And we hung out at Verve, and swung by Comicopolis, where I got the two new Sandman issues and Garth got a card game (Boss Monster) which we played a round of. Pretty fun game. You make dungeons and you have to kill the heroes that go through your dungeons. I didn't win, but I often don't win games. I still like to play them. We have plans to hang out next weekend, so I better get a move on with my packing and planning! But I have weekday evenings that I tend to do nothing with anyway.

Watched Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley (which lost some interest for me in the second episode) and an episode of Justified and Bob's Burgers and see what I mean about not doing anything in the evening?

Crap, need to go to sleep.