Tuesday, April 15, 2014

kinder surprise

House meeting tonight. Justin cooked and damn it was good! Potatoes with bacon, quinoa, chicken in a butternut squash soup thing. Mmm. Very good! I was full but not bloated and all was well. Meeting went good too, surprisingly quick actually. Maybe because half of us are moving out in two weeks, lengthy conversations are not so needed.

Didn't advance on packing, but the meeting took up time. And I went straight from getting home to dinner to meeting. I like to have ~20 minutes after work to myself to just vege and I didn't get that.

I did some banners at work, though these ones needed banner rope. Burned and taped a job. Weeded vinyl. I think I did some other stuff, but I didn't catch. I guess banners and punching out stickers took up most of my time. Not a bad day.

And now my paycheck and return are deposited, so I can go get a smartphone and join the wunderkinder! Or whatever that word is for magical people.

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