Saturday, January 18, 2014

good company and good treats

So the new housemate is: Justin! Not to be confused with Justen who just moved out. He will be moving in gradually. Seems a nice enough bloke.

Had my usual little oatmeal and tea breakfast and then headed out for some rendezvous and errands.

The Tannery is this sort of converted artist loft enclave place thingy. Cheap housing, variety of people, but hard to get into unless you pounce. My friend Ryan lives there, but also Marina, Rich, and Ariel (Ryan knows Marina and they both got Tannery housing at around the same time) (oh and Ariel, Rich, Marina, and Francesca all live together). Anywaaay! I am going to the Welcome to Night Vale show with Ariel and Rich, so we met up to discuss plans for driving down and I had to pay Rich for my ticket. All that stuff. I arrived at noon and we had a really good hang out! Sorted out plans, talked about contemporary media, Francesca, Marina, and I drew. I drew up a little portrait piece for them to put in their door sign (there are lots of decorated door signs). That was fun. I need to hang out more often, because it was a damn good time. I departed at 3:30ish because I was hungry and it seemed like other plans were a happenin'. Plus I had errands I wanted to run and wanted to get a bit of daylight enjoyment, because it was another lovely day in Santa Cruz.

I went to Chipotle and downed a burrito and was very, very stuffed. I read my Kindle a bit too, because wowza Kindles are easy to transport! I strolled over to World Market and picked up some sweets. Treat yo' self! Then I headed downtown a bit more to the sock store and picked up three pairs of really awesome socks, for when I have an occasion to wear really awesome socks:


Bright and pretty quail and poppy socks.

Some way cool patterned socks. Feeling a bit like Sherlock in Elementary. He often wears bright socks.

Then I headed home, snacked a bit, watched some telly, drank some beer. Don't have any plans for tomorrow. Ah, so used to being so busy! I work Monday, despite it being a holiday. Though what would I do with Monday off?

Friday, January 17, 2014

birthday celebrations commence kinda maybe

Santa Cruz continues to be unreasonably warm, though I'm calling it's bluff! I'm not bringing the shorts out just yet.

I did some jersey heat transfer things. Shorts and jerseys. Did a pole banner for the museum. It's odd, when I was first taught how to do them it seemed really tricky, but now that I'm doing it, it doesn't seem so bad. Unless I'm doing it wrong. Or maybe I'm just good at it. Counted out shirts. A nice day.

Trader Joe's has poutine! So I tried that out. I overcooked the curds I think, but the gravy bit was good. Though all the carbs just... it was a lot of carbs. Even for me.

I painted my nails. I'm letting them dry right now so that I can put on a top coat.

Tomorrow I am hanging out with Ariel and Rich to sort out the upcomming Welcome to Night Vale road trip. That should be fun! Outside of that I have no major plans. Hmmm.

Maybe I should buy myself some fun socks at the sock store! Treat yo self!

Well I should also save money for visiting LA next weekend. Exciting! There is a house we will be crashing at.



Ended up being a rather abbreviated day at work. Had some screens to burn, some stickers to cut, and some banners to do. It is so hot in Santa Cruz! 80 degrees! Ahhhg! Oh and taped screens. Boss was away doing the vinyl on a monster truck.

At home I just relaxed, as usual. Hard to find motivation to do stuff in the evening. Surely there is stuff to do?


We had clients in the studio to help print samples. Small run printing in wide style variety. The type of specific stuff where they want to try things in different placements/color ways. I cut stickers and weeded vinyl and generally assisted with catching shirts and burning. It was SO WARM! I should have been wearing shorts. It was that hot. I also heatpressed some jerseys. Got some basketball jerseys due soon, but I have several days in which to do them, so that is good. Goodish. It'll still take a while, but hey! Prime podcast listening time!

The clients bought us burgers. That was super nice. Mmm.

Another night, another nothing. Not the best habit. Trader Joe's has poutine now, apparently. Gotta get that next time I'm there.

My hand is healing pretty well.

Wow I turn 26 in a few days. That snuck up on me.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

it's only tuesday and I'm bleeding already

Was weeding vinyl and accidentally stabbed my hand with the exacto. Oucch. It didn't bleed all that much, but my hand hurts.

Got to work nice and early, put some tunes on, and got to catching shirts and boxing them! Went like a dream. I also degreased some new screens, and coated screens later on in the day. And broke down the press. And weeded vinyl (like I said). A full day, and due to arriving early, I got home at a decent hour!

Yesterday I was driving behind a tractor that was behind a bus. Now that is slow. Thankfully it was only for a short stretch.

Worked on a bit of correspondence. Danced my stupid dance to music.

It's my birthday in a week!

Monday, January 13, 2014


Going to work early tomorrow, so it is early to bed today!

Today we ran the fronts on a large shirt order. A nice, large two color front order. Nothing really out of the ordinary. Just printing. What a relief! I caught, Jeff printed. I put on tunes. Gorillaz, White Stripes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Cake.

Nice to just run a job. No hecticness. I weeded some vinyl after.

Did a grocery run. Washed my work shirts. Relaxed. Those were the main errands that I can remember needing to do, and I did them. So it's all good.

I just had a weird feeling of deja vu.

It's supposed to be above 70 for the rest of the week. What the dang, California??

Sunday, January 12, 2014


Oh man! What a day!

Got up and did my Internet rounds before I had to shut it down due to Sherlock airing and not wanting ANY Sherlock spoilers. You know how it is.

So I cleaned the house a bit. Swept my room. Did some laundry.

Then I got to watch some Sherlock! Yaaay! OMG!

I say some, because we had to interview Alex. Nice fella. Easy to talk to. Scuba certified.

He departed, I watched more Sherlock. But I didn't finish it because I had made plans to see Her with Ryan, and I do not forgo my plans!

So downtown to the Del Mar I went. It was a nice night for a movie. I bought popcorn and smothered with with seasonings. Her is the new Spike Jonze movie, about a guy who has a relationship with his operating system. It was pretty damn good. The costumes and near-future set and props were what I loved. A solid film though. Very nicely acted. It really just... I dunno. Washed over me in this really lovely beautiful not quite sad way. Nice film. Good on ya' Jonze!

Dropped Ryan off at the Tannery and then I boogaloo'd home and watched SHERLOCK! WAHH! YES!

No spoilers on this blog but eeeEEEeee. Okay.

So a very excellent Sunday all around.