Sunday, January 12, 2014


Oh man! What a day!

Got up and did my Internet rounds before I had to shut it down due to Sherlock airing and not wanting ANY Sherlock spoilers. You know how it is.

So I cleaned the house a bit. Swept my room. Did some laundry.

Then I got to watch some Sherlock! Yaaay! OMG!

I say some, because we had to interview Alex. Nice fella. Easy to talk to. Scuba certified.

He departed, I watched more Sherlock. But I didn't finish it because I had made plans to see Her with Ryan, and I do not forgo my plans!

So downtown to the Del Mar I went. It was a nice night for a movie. I bought popcorn and smothered with with seasonings. Her is the new Spike Jonze movie, about a guy who has a relationship with his operating system. It was pretty damn good. The costumes and near-future set and props were what I loved. A solid film though. Very nicely acted. It really just... I dunno. Washed over me in this really lovely beautiful not quite sad way. Nice film. Good on ya' Jonze!

Dropped Ryan off at the Tannery and then I boogaloo'd home and watched SHERLOCK! WAHH! YES!

No spoilers on this blog but eeeEEEeee. Okay.

So a very excellent Sunday all around.

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