Saturday, January 11, 2014

january keeps on truckin'

Didn't do anything! Whoo! Well that is a lie. I did do some stuff. I just didn't, like, go up to San Francisco or travel anywhere. Just did tidying up and stuff.

We got a guy Alex coming in tomorrow for a housemate interview.

My box o' birthday presents arrived! Yaaay!

I washed my car. It was getting a bit smudgey.

I tidied my room. It was getting a bit hectic. Still need to recycle some things. But on the whole, it looks better. So that is good.

I haven't done any crock pot cooking in a while! Egads! I should do that tomorrow. Oh wait... I'm going to be leaving the house tomorrow to go do stuff. Ehhhh.

I did a Target errand. Watched some Look Around You. Now I'm going to drink tea and read. That'll be nice.

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