Tuesday, January 7, 2014

the week is starting to go by fast

Today I was tasked to sort the film. So I pulled all the stacks and did a rough alphabetization of a-e, f-j, k-o, p-s, t-z. And a stack for over sized, a stack for date specific (i.e. 2008 events we'll never run again) and made notes about what jobs have multiple film folders. I didn't have time to conference with the Boss about where to place them. That'll be tomorrow. I also coated screens and burned screens and taped screens and did general pick up stuff. Also counted in a few shirts. Not a bad day.

Though poor Jeff. Four solid days of printing jerseys.

I did a grocery run. Talked with the cashier about how nice it is for our temperatures to be well above freezing.

We are interviewing a new dude tomorrow, for the house. Guess what his name is?

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Anonymous said...

Dylan, Kyle, Josh, Nathan? Those are my guesses. ~mum