Saturday, January 16, 2016

meta dinner

So apparently Mom and Dad aren't reading this blog every day! What the hey, I write in this for you guys, and I've been updating it daily on the regular now. Why aren't you here looking for updates and looking at my cool art? Come on!!

Anyway. Rolled out of bed, had a muffin and some coffee. Time flew by and all of a sudden it was time to go meet Ma and Pa for dinner! We went to Famous Dave's, where I'd never been. I munched on mom's wings and my chicken tenders. My appetite has been weird lately, because I was hungry but I didn't eat all that much. I thought I would scarf, but I didn't. Hmmn. But I got left overs to much on, that's nice! Had a nice little catch up session and got my mail.

Went to Trader Joe's for some food and the overhead speakers played a song that sounded so much like the Men In Black theme, except it wasn't. It had the BOoew BOoew BOoew beat going on.

Back home I talked Portland plans with Katie (different Katie) and Trillian (not me) and drew a comic and figured out something potentially VERY exciting.

Nighty night!

Friday, January 15, 2016

sketchbook of choice

Tenth unemployment comic! I'm calling them unemployment comics for now. Hopefully I'll keep makign them whenever that changes, but I'm having fun with it now. I get two ideas for every one that I complete.

And with making, it makes me update! Can't leave y'all hanging now that I'm dropping sweet art all the time. And I have another little portrait done that I have to wait till it's dry to scan.

I watched Galaxy Quest today, in memorium of Alan Rickman. It's been a brutal week for cool people departing our plane of existence. I had no idea either he or David Bowie were sick.

And I watched a couple episodes of Atelier, a Japanese show on Netflix. It's cute. It's about boutique lingerie but not in a sexy way. Which I guess might be the selling point for some people.

Dang I absolutely need to find out which incense I just burned (I think it was the Nag Champa) because that made me wicked congested.

Drawing these comics has been a trip because I'm sort of re-realizing the confidence I have in my own work. My own ability to draw a scene and to fudge details. To know how to balance (or to see what I did wrong). It's like, oh yeah I DO know how to do this stuff. And I'll only get better.

Now to read some of the Dungeons and Dragons manual I've been neglecting!!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

at the movies

Instagram finally let me in! Whoo! Today I popped up to Port Townsend to make an art supply run. The tombows were woefully understocked at the place, but I picked up a neutral peach I'm pretty stoked on (see above). Had to pick up something for a gift project.

Then I saw The Revenant which was...harrowing. Some truly beautiful pieces of film making throughout, with impeccable shots. And Leo tauntauned a horse in a scene that almost made me ralph. Holy crap. Yeah. A long movie. A hard movie. A beautiful movie. I gasped and made a :C face at many moments.

Anyway. Yeah! That was fun. Then I drew a comic. I've really been liking the comics I've been making. Hopefully they bring more attention to my work. But gotta do more bigger work too!

I think I've mentioned it here, but I'm giving myself till my birthday to chill and work on myself. Then it is getting back into the swing of things.

I've been feeling pretty good.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Techno Bummer

I've spent ALL DAY on this now!!! Well some breaks but I've been trying to resolve it all day and ARGH! The new phone has a better camera and screen, but less storage and no emojis. My old phone is still useable, but only through wifi. So most of it still works, just not as a phone. So I'm not installing some apps on my new phone because I can just use them on my old phone (Neko Atsume for example). And I think I'll use the old phone as an alarm because the clock I like on the Motorola isn't compatible with a ZTE. How can a CLOCK not be compatible? Errggg!!

And this data transfer app is being weird on one of the phones. Like, if I can get the phones to be really buddy buddy with how they share data between one another, that'd be awesome.

And Instagram STILL is freezing me out. I can look and interact with my feed a little bit online, but I can't upload anything.

Argh. So frustrating! But look, I drew a comic so that's cool.

my guests are the best

I've spent the better part of today switching phones. If you remember my first smartphone went black and I bought a replacement, and sent the first one away for the replacement that was covered under warranty. The phone I've been using for a year keeps needing to have it's cache cleared and it's getting laggy in some apps, so I decided to switch over to the third phone while I still had a working phone. And if something happens to the 3rd phone, I can revert back to the 2nd just in case.

The new phone has a better camera and a bigger screen, but also less space which is frustrating! If you can't afford a phone with a big drive, you can only do so much. You can still do a lot, but you gotta pick and choose apps. Anyways, I've been getting stuff transferred over and backed up and it's taking FOREVER!! I just want it to be done (there's a lot of apps I've been trying to get data to switch over, and none quite are doing the trick) so I can draw a comic!

Anita and Cheyenne were lovely perfect guests! Anita brought me this illustrated tide pool guide as a host gift and it's the PERFECT supplement to the other guides we have. Lasagna was made, Men In Black was watched, and general chilling out happened. A nice visit. Cheyenne moved to Portland at the same time I did, but she stuck around. Really nice person! And they were so damn tidy. Dishes done and everything. They left relatively early to go down to Portland. I took a nap which went a bit long. Did a comic. Took a bath. Then felt tired again and went to sleep. Yesterday was a bit of a wash.

And I've been frozen out of Instagram! It's not loading and it keeps freezing! That's my favorite app! Waahhh! I want to see my notes!

But I'm stoked that my new phone can take pictures of sketches, because then I can post stuff as I draw it and not waiting for a scanner. Scanner is best but ya.

So here's the comic from the 11th. I'm rating it PG-13 for totally legal drug references:

(don't worry ma and pa, I'm not spending my current money on dank ganj, I'm being frugal!)

Sunday, January 10, 2016

lonely and not lonely

Making this quick because I'm expecting company (Anita and Cheyenne) in fifteen minutes. Kinda funny to follow up THIS comic with the expectation of a reduction of loneliness.

Anyway. Got up. Coffee. Scrambled eggs and bacon. Tidying. Folded towels. Sweeping. Putting away of stuff. Drawing. More cleaning. House looks pretty good now, though some people enjoy no clutter at all. So it's nice by MY standards, but maybe not someone elses? But I made sure there is no mouse in the trap, so that should count for something. I'm using these comics as a way to branch out in technique. 

Yeah, pretty happy with that comic. Drawing environments is fun. There's a tendency to default to figures floating in a plane.

I spent way too long looking for a reference of the exterior of the house before realizing that durrr I could step outside and take a photo. I can work from memory, but sometimes it's good to have a reference.

Okay, time to make a fire! See you on the other side.

pages of eyes

Drew this while watching Housebound, a sort of silly New Zealand horror movie. Not silly enough to be full on comedy horror, but not gorey enough to be totally horror. I dug it.

My comics are being well received on Instagram. Consistently getting 20+ likes, which is good for me! I changed the paper I used, and it seemed to scan better.

I put away clothes, put paper stuff into the burnables, did dishes, put away dishes, swept, I've got towels in the dryer. I got all my letters together into a folder. It's just a lot of picking up of things.