Friday, January 15, 2016

sketchbook of choice

Tenth unemployment comic! I'm calling them unemployment comics for now. Hopefully I'll keep makign them whenever that changes, but I'm having fun with it now. I get two ideas for every one that I complete.

And with making, it makes me update! Can't leave y'all hanging now that I'm dropping sweet art all the time. And I have another little portrait done that I have to wait till it's dry to scan.

I watched Galaxy Quest today, in memorium of Alan Rickman. It's been a brutal week for cool people departing our plane of existence. I had no idea either he or David Bowie were sick.

And I watched a couple episodes of Atelier, a Japanese show on Netflix. It's cute. It's about boutique lingerie but not in a sexy way. Which I guess might be the selling point for some people.

Dang I absolutely need to find out which incense I just burned (I think it was the Nag Champa) because that made me wicked congested.

Drawing these comics has been a trip because I'm sort of re-realizing the confidence I have in my own work. My own ability to draw a scene and to fudge details. To know how to balance (or to see what I did wrong). It's like, oh yeah I DO know how to do this stuff. And I'll only get better.

Now to read some of the Dungeons and Dragons manual I've been neglecting!!

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