Saturday, January 16, 2016

meta dinner

So apparently Mom and Dad aren't reading this blog every day! What the hey, I write in this for you guys, and I've been updating it daily on the regular now. Why aren't you here looking for updates and looking at my cool art? Come on!!

Anyway. Rolled out of bed, had a muffin and some coffee. Time flew by and all of a sudden it was time to go meet Ma and Pa for dinner! We went to Famous Dave's, where I'd never been. I munched on mom's wings and my chicken tenders. My appetite has been weird lately, because I was hungry but I didn't eat all that much. I thought I would scarf, but I didn't. Hmmn. But I got left overs to much on, that's nice! Had a nice little catch up session and got my mail.

Went to Trader Joe's for some food and the overhead speakers played a song that sounded so much like the Men In Black theme, except it wasn't. It had the BOoew BOoew BOoew beat going on.

Back home I talked Portland plans with Katie (different Katie) and Trillian (not me) and drew a comic and figured out something potentially VERY exciting.

Nighty night!

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Lisa Pedersen said...

We do too read it (almost) every day. We just missed one day!