Saturday, July 6, 2013

so scary

Oh what, it's the 5th! You don't get to light off fireworks anymore!

Had a pretty relaxing Friday. Weeded vinyl. Cut out vinyl graphics. Prepped screens for discharge. Got part of the job. Cleaned stuff. Cut more vinyl. Next week boss will be gone, but the shop will still be open! Jeff and I will be running it real awesome like. Hopefully nothing will go wrong (nothing will go wrong).

At home I itemized my to do for the weekend. Got stuff to do!

I was craving theater popcorn, so I went to see Monsters University at the Del Mar. The lighting in the animation was amazing! Holy cow! Really beautifully animated movie. All the textures too. What skill!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Thursday, July 4, 2013

mopping is for suckas

Had a weird dream where I had a pet dog that was actually a sponge. Had a good sleep in as well.

Our landlord is going to give the house a lookiloo on Saturday, so Janet and I spent some time cleaning. I swept and scrubbed the downstairs floors. They are looking pretty good now. I also gave our bathroom a good scrub. Damn thing is a mildew trap!

I relaxed. Ate some pasta. Ate some candy.

When it got dark, I sat out my window and watched the neighbors light off fireworks. A nice little display in the street. And some of the bigger ones around town were visible as well. I waved to the people on the street if they noticed me. Heheh.

Later on people let off loud BTOOOOMMMM fireworks which set off many car alarms. Annoying.

And now I go to work for one day and then it is the weekend! That went by really fast. It's almost been a year since I moved to Santa Cruz. Should find that specific date.

new sweatshirt, just in time for summer!

Fireworks have been going off. And there have been some big crackers right on my street. It's very loud and jarring. Don't like it!

Today we took some of the extra shirts at work that have been laying about and printing work branded stuff on them. Well backs and sleeves were printed yesterday, we just finished them up. I got a new brown tee and a ash gray zip hoody with the front grill design. I weeded some vinyl. Finished Chamber of Secrets and started Prisoner of Azkaban. Broke down the press. Cleaned the press. Cleaned floodbars. I don't work tomorrow! Day off!

At home I washed my work shirts. The oil seems to be slowly washing out of them over time, which is good. I've been wearing an apron when I do the wash out tank, so the splash back on shirts stopped...well staining my shirts with oil. Hurray.

Overall a nice day. It wasn't too hot. Oh and I also caught a proper job.

Don't have any plans for my day off. Sleep in? Work on freelance? Read? Sun bathe if it is hot? Mmm.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Spellbound by Covergirl is my favorite lip color. It's so bright!

going in circles and u-turns

I am almost done with Chamber of Secrets! Granted I listened to it a bit more outside of work. Usually I just listen to stuff at work and splice it with music, but it's been all Harry Potter these past few days.

It was another cleaning & reclaiming spree at work. Though it now takes two days to do what used to take a week. Hurray for more efficient methods! I coated hats. I coated screens. I reclaimed screens. I cleaned more screens. The screens I reclaimed were good to coat. Slowly but surely the screen room is filling up! Hurray! I also cleaned the squeegees and floodbars. I don't mind cleaning because it is prime time for audiobook listening! I do mind unclogging the sink drain, but hey it's dirty work.

Got out a bit early.

I was scheduled to meet Tenaya at Coffee Cat at 7. Tenaya and I did the PNCA Pre College Program together way back in the day. Turns out she lives in Santa Cruz (till September when she moves to LA for grad school). The instructions said to take the Mt Hermon exit, take a U turn and the destination will be on the right. The first U turn I took put me back onto 17 headed South. Damn! So looping all the way back...the next U turn I took put me down a winding road. I asked a dude on a bike if he had any idea where it might be and he didn't know. So I turned around. I asked another person and they said it was probably next to the Safeway down the road. So I continued down the road and saw a store complex so I U turned...and it wasn't in that complex! So I got on the road and U turned again and then alllll the way down the road I saw the damn coffee shop. I was 30 minutes late!! I am loathed to be late. My GPS does not work anymore either. Grrr. Tenaya had to leave at 8ish, so we only got a brief time together, but we shall hang out more before summer is up!

And it took no time at all to get back to Santa Cruz. I filled up my tank on the way. Well I stopped and filled up my tank. I wasn't moving and filling up my tank. I don't think that is possible. And if it were, it probably wouldn't be very safe.

I did my laundry. Had some dinner. Took it easy. I've made a list of the things that I need to get accomplished in July. It's...quite a list. Got the album art to finish in the next couple weeks. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

cuppa cuppa tea

Joey got skunked right in the face. Poor dog. Now the house has a bit of odor, though I think Janet managed to keep her from rubbing on anything. Just a small wafts around, ya know?

Back to work! Yay! I caught hat transfers for a bit and then Andrew took over catching punk patches and I set about cleaning & reclaiming 24 screens.Why 24? Well because that is how many slots there are in the rack for dryer freshly coated screens. Tomorrow I'll coat those screens then set about cleaning another 24 screens. There is talk of maybe getting some part time kid in for a couple days and all they do is clean screens. Our production is really bumping up, so the new load of used screens is climbing.

I finished Sorcerer's Stone and started Chamber of Secrets. Giving the Harry Potter books a good relisten. Hurray!

Went grocery shopping and got my usual staples plus short bread with chocolate cookies.

I love my tea maker thingy gizmo. Makes it so easy to brew loose leaf tea in quantities that I like to drink. Mmm!

I've got more stuff to accomplish coming up. Always making lists! Crazy to be busy.

creative post title

Did my best attempt at sleeping in, but even then I got up before noon. Had my tea and cereal. Tidied my room.

I went to the Capitola Mall to do some unmentionables shopping. Kinda sucks though because the good stuff that fits right is pricey. Sure I can afford it, but I'd rather spend my hard earned money on tea or books or candy. Boo. Not a fun experience shopping. I have no patience to try on lots of different things. Blehh. I was happy to be rid of the mall.

Went home and relaxed. Took it easy for the rest of the day. A 3 day weekend is rather nice to have, but back to it! Have a lot of screens to clean tomorrow. And reclaim. And I have more Odd Owl commission work to do. And Brynne and Dan are visiting soon. Time flies!