Thursday, July 4, 2013

new sweatshirt, just in time for summer!

Fireworks have been going off. And there have been some big crackers right on my street. It's very loud and jarring. Don't like it!

Today we took some of the extra shirts at work that have been laying about and printing work branded stuff on them. Well backs and sleeves were printed yesterday, we just finished them up. I got a new brown tee and a ash gray zip hoody with the front grill design. I weeded some vinyl. Finished Chamber of Secrets and started Prisoner of Azkaban. Broke down the press. Cleaned the press. Cleaned floodbars. I don't work tomorrow! Day off!

At home I washed my work shirts. The oil seems to be slowly washing out of them over time, which is good. I've been wearing an apron when I do the wash out tank, so the splash back on shirts stopped...well staining my shirts with oil. Hurray.

Overall a nice day. It wasn't too hot. Oh and I also caught a proper job.

Don't have any plans for my day off. Sleep in? Work on freelance? Read? Sun bathe if it is hot? Mmm.

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