Thursday, July 4, 2013

mopping is for suckas

Had a weird dream where I had a pet dog that was actually a sponge. Had a good sleep in as well.

Our landlord is going to give the house a lookiloo on Saturday, so Janet and I spent some time cleaning. I swept and scrubbed the downstairs floors. They are looking pretty good now. I also gave our bathroom a good scrub. Damn thing is a mildew trap!

I relaxed. Ate some pasta. Ate some candy.

When it got dark, I sat out my window and watched the neighbors light off fireworks. A nice little display in the street. And some of the bigger ones around town were visible as well. I waved to the people on the street if they noticed me. Heheh.

Later on people let off loud BTOOOOMMMM fireworks which set off many car alarms. Annoying.

And now I go to work for one day and then it is the weekend! That went by really fast. It's almost been a year since I moved to Santa Cruz. Should find that specific date.

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