Wednesday, July 3, 2013

going in circles and u-turns

I am almost done with Chamber of Secrets! Granted I listened to it a bit more outside of work. Usually I just listen to stuff at work and splice it with music, but it's been all Harry Potter these past few days.

It was another cleaning & reclaiming spree at work. Though it now takes two days to do what used to take a week. Hurray for more efficient methods! I coated hats. I coated screens. I reclaimed screens. I cleaned more screens. The screens I reclaimed were good to coat. Slowly but surely the screen room is filling up! Hurray! I also cleaned the squeegees and floodbars. I don't mind cleaning because it is prime time for audiobook listening! I do mind unclogging the sink drain, but hey it's dirty work.

Got out a bit early.

I was scheduled to meet Tenaya at Coffee Cat at 7. Tenaya and I did the PNCA Pre College Program together way back in the day. Turns out she lives in Santa Cruz (till September when she moves to LA for grad school). The instructions said to take the Mt Hermon exit, take a U turn and the destination will be on the right. The first U turn I took put me back onto 17 headed South. Damn! So looping all the way back...the next U turn I took put me down a winding road. I asked a dude on a bike if he had any idea where it might be and he didn't know. So I turned around. I asked another person and they said it was probably next to the Safeway down the road. So I continued down the road and saw a store complex so I U turned...and it wasn't in that complex! So I got on the road and U turned again and then alllll the way down the road I saw the damn coffee shop. I was 30 minutes late!! I am loathed to be late. My GPS does not work anymore either. Grrr. Tenaya had to leave at 8ish, so we only got a brief time together, but we shall hang out more before summer is up!

And it took no time at all to get back to Santa Cruz. I filled up my tank on the way. Well I stopped and filled up my tank. I wasn't moving and filling up my tank. I don't think that is possible. And if it were, it probably wouldn't be very safe.

I did my laundry. Had some dinner. Took it easy. I've made a list of the things that I need to get accomplished in July. It's...quite a list. Got the album art to finish in the next couple weeks. 

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