Saturday, March 28, 2015

territory dispute


Got caught up during my commute by something happening on the bridge. Not quite it going up but maybe an accident? Just worked solo. Photographed, recorded, did online research and stuff. I packed up Bodi's things and off we went to Pulali! Sweet little doggy. Made no fuss about getting in my car and was a perfect driving companion. Once out of the car, Bodi bounded around and laid down some scent on the trees. Lots of running about and enthusiasm. Brought in his crate, set out some food, gave some treats. Corbie swung by for a little bit, and left...and peed on the grill cover.

Bodi cuddled on my bed, and was perfectly mild all night long.


Got up earlyish to let Bodi out. Had a scramble. Then took Bodi for a walk through the woods and up to the end of the road and back. Doggy got a good walk. The weather was perfect. Wonderfully bright and warm, with just a bit of a breeze. Excellent dog walking weather. Later in the day I found that Corbie had peed on the jam next to the door. Damnit. Bodi don't pee that high, so I know who donnit. I took a nap with Bodi. Then had dinner and made a frie and read in front of the fire. Now I'll tuck into bed, after letting Bodi out for one that one last pee.

So any dog that comes 'round here will have to contend against Corbie being a brat I guess. Argh.

Thursday, March 26, 2015



On site, but earlier than usual due to a meeting. We met with an appraisal expert, and I shall spare his expertise about our industry. But it was an enlightening experience. Lots of facts about this and that. Then I had lunch and then got to photographing and other things. A good day's work.

I deposited my checks, and got some teeth whitening strips to improve my smile for the wedding, swung by the library and picked up a stack of books, then I was back home to chill.


Today was hanging with Ma! I slept in, then woke up and called her to say I'd rolled out of bed. I showered, got dressed, then packed a breakfast for the road and headed out to Silverdale. We met at Origami Sushi, chatted, had udon and sushi, then began the quest to find a dress for the wedding!

First up was Texas Glad Rags, which was a consignment shop. And after a few poor color choices in odd silhouettes, we found a winner! A Bagdley Mishka...or however that is spelled. Half off! And it is so cute, I can't believe how cute Mom looks in it. It's comfy too. Not all tight and fitted. So happy it turned out like that. We still swung by Old Navy to see what they had. A few things, but nothing that excellent fitting for Mum. Nothing like the B.M.! Oh... that's not a good way to refer to that dress.

Then the Kitsap Mall, which gets more hollowed out every time I end up in it. Fewer stores. I couldn't find the shoes I wanted, so now I'll have to see about ordering them before looking at other shoes. We swung through Sephora but the concealer was tough to match with the lighting available. At Walgreen's, I got Ma to try a few products at my recommendation. My skin has actually been consistently really nice lately. I've settled into a good routine and I only have hormonal breakouts.

Anyway, got Ma treating herself so that's good. Back at home, when Dad returned, we steamed some clams and tried on clothes and I was a real charmer with some timed farts. Yup. Eventually I was ejected from the house.

I swung through Silverdale and picked up a few choice beers from BevMo, and then went to Sephora again, when it was significantly less busy, and Apple the store associate helped me pick out the right color of Anastasia Dipbrow eyebrow pomade. Yes, now my eyebrows will be even more bold and awesome! But I was almost out of the product I had been using, and this was recommended highly so I got it. Also Apple applied it to show how it looks, and it looked awesome. She was a great associate, and gave me samples too.

Then I swung by Michael's to get a few more earring making supp-OH! Mom passed along a few earrings to me. I've yet to take out both my piercings, though the new one should be healed. It feels like the end of an era to do so but I must I suppose, in order to try many new earrings! But yeah, I needed some flat end earring stems to string beads onto. So I have those and shrinky dink material now.

THENNNN I went home, after a full fun day of shopping and hanging out!

Now I'm sitting with a teeth whitening strip on. It's 30 minutes of awkward mouth feel, so this better work, and if not work entirely at least work a little bit.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

ghosts of 2011


Slept in till the ungodly hour of 10am! Had some english muffin and coffee, and read a bit of comic, and then put on my work clothes and come the proper time of day, we set off to Point Whitney for some clamming! My job was to measure clams to make sure they were of the proper large enough size. The first scrape up yielded many small clams. Then Ma, Pa, and Celia started getting some proper large clams. Corbie was nice and mellow. I watched him too.

We had some lunch upon our return, then Ma and Pa headed back to Seabeck and I got ready to head out to meet Sam in Bremerton. Sam has some mention in my blog about 3-4 years ago. He's a UW grad still living in Seattle and we have mutual Portland friends. Anyhoo, he's still in the area and I need to pursue hanging out with people.

I picked up my comics at Comics Keep, then parked near the ferry to meet him. While waiting, I got a picture of Dad's front page photo of the Kitsap Sun Sunday Edition. Disappointed that they apparently make no mention of Mom. I also ran into Rob, who is Karen's fella. We chatted National Parks while waiting for our people to disembark the ferry. Sam met Karen, Karen met Sam, Karen knows I met Rob. How fun!

Sam and I grabbed a pint and onion rings at Horse and Cow, and walked around town a bit catching up. He went to UCSC so I got to gab a bit about how the town has changed (i.e. the basketball stadium). He caught the 9:05 back, and I got home in not bad time at all.


Worked from home! Corresponded with some eBay buyers. It's great that we've had pretty awesome selling success, but a shame we can't upload a ton of quality stuff to sell off. Did some flow chart composing, then spent hours uploading photos.

I put a few books on hold at KRL. Need to find a quarter so that I can pay off my library fine from 2011.

Now I must go to bed early because I have to leave early to get to work a little bit early.