Thursday, September 19, 2013

thank Douglas it's Thursday

Whoo! Moved over some more stuff! Just another box of books, some knick knacks, and my drawing table. The table fits under my bed, so that is good. I need to spend some time going through my stuff, because the clutter is mounting.

And a print I ordered had arrived at my new house! Yay! Now I need to frame it (it fits a standard size frame which is efficient for framing).

Work was slightly less hectic. Burning and coating and cleaning and weeding and reclaiming and it was very warm. More Peter Wimsey, who is awesome of course.

At home I stuffed some things into a box and then I went to the new place.

I got my other gift exchange sent off this morning. Whoo that is done!

dry faster ink, come on

Spent the night working on a drawing that is now just about finished, but I need to let it dry over night and see what touch ups it may need. I didn't do any moving today either. Wanted to work on this drawing. It's for a gift exchange and the deadline is the 20th. Also work ran late.

So busy! So many different jobs and things happening. It's really hard to keep it all sorted. Burned a bunch of screens, but improperly burned a few. Ehhhrrm. I reclaimed screens at the end of the day because we always seem in need of screens of all different kinds of meshs. If I don't have a day to just clean stuff, we get behind REALLY fast.

I just couldn't be bothered to finish The Black Company so I started Have His Carcase. Yay Peter Wimsey!

So yeah. Long day at work, got home lateish, started drawing. It's all good.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

only Tuesday

Uhg blerug tired.

Reclaimed/coated screens. Caught. Burned. I also ran heat transfers on the new press, so that was fun. I did hats too. Another full day. I'm listened to The Black Company and it isn't really clicking for me. I think I can manage to finish it but I'm not all that enthusiastic about doing so.

At home I worked on my little painting.

Now it's late and I keep going to sleep REALLY late. Stuff to do in the morning.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

take it down and put it up

Moved over my red shelf, most of my closet clothes and shirts, and some knick knacks. Could have moved more but ehh...bit by bit. May not do a move tomorrow as I have stuff to do. And I should spend some time organizing the clutter I have right now, because my room is a bit of a torn apart mess and I need to work on sorting what I have and reducing the "laying about" things.

Did some catching, did some cleaning, did some burning, did some taping. Finished Reaper Man. Discworld books are so quick to listen to.

Started sketching something for my other gift exchange. Need to get these sent out by the end of the week!

Got a busy week ahead, but it's all good.

Monday, September 16, 2013

got a lot done and I feel good

Today's move counts: 2.

But first: my car. Got up at a reasonable hour and went to the Toyota place. My helped was named Adam West! Ha! I drank free hot chocolate and read Gulp while waiting for my car to be fixed. Thinking about it, they had to put in the whole shebang. Resecure the seatbelt to the floor. Tons of stuff.

Anyway. After that I went home and loaded up my bed frame, art, assembly supplies, and shirts and shirt bin. Then I headed over to the new house and assembled the bed and put up some new art. The Baticelli now hangs in the entry way. It didn't take long. I returned and loaded up the end table and books and DVDs and returned and deposited them. Now to move in shelving and my closet stuff. Bit by bit. I could probably do it in fewer trips if I really packed it in, but I'm not in a major hurry.

Oh also moved in some mugs.

After the second trip I did my weeks shopping and got myself pizza from Woodstock's because I was feeling lazy.

Breaking Bad broke my heart. What a good, tragic show. Gah.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

kickin' up dust


It ended up being a solo clean up day. Squeegees and floodbars? Check! Cleaning oodles of screens? Yup! Reclaiming and coating by the end of the day? Did that. Also burned screens. Listened to a good chunk of The Book Thief, which is a great book but also very depressing.

At home I itemized all that I had to do this weekend. I also arranged my car repair for Sunday. Hurray!

The way I planned what I had to do left Friday wide open, so I let myself relax for one more day.


Actually got up right between a reasonable hour and way too late. Had my oatmeal and tea. Then I ran my errands. Santa Cruz is so easy to drive around it. I'm in another gift exchange, but this one is one sided and for teachers. Specifically classroom supplies. So I swung by Staples. Then I returned home by car, and set out once again by foot for an art supply errand. It was a great day to walk along the river a little bit. I finished The Book Thief and started Reaper Man...which is an odd pair of books. I got some frames and a notebook from the art supply store, then a sandwich from Zoccoli's. I tried to sit in the park and watch the ducks while I ate it, but this wasp just HAD to get all up in my business, so eventually I was made to move and get walking again.

Back at home I took my art off my walls and took apart my bedframe. Tomorrow I want to reset up my bedframe in the new room, and move in a few shelves. Then I can start the slow process of getting my stuff over trip by trip. It shouldn't take that long. Then next weekend: my bed goes over and then I am out of this house. Though I'll probably make a trip for little things here and there. And help Janet clean.

Now my point of view is all weird because I don't have my bed and side table and art to look at.

We've been setting out things on the curb for free, and now this kid shows up at our door at weird hours and asks if we have any free stuff for him. We say we may put stuff out later on. It's odd to see what is a stereotypical "weird neighborhood kid".

Have a 10am appointment to get my car fixed tomorrow! And it's only about a 15 minute drive away, which is easy. No having to go up to some San Jose dealer or whatever.