Monday, September 16, 2013

got a lot done and I feel good

Today's move counts: 2.

But first: my car. Got up at a reasonable hour and went to the Toyota place. My helped was named Adam West! Ha! I drank free hot chocolate and read Gulp while waiting for my car to be fixed. Thinking about it, they had to put in the whole shebang. Resecure the seatbelt to the floor. Tons of stuff.

Anyway. After that I went home and loaded up my bed frame, art, assembly supplies, and shirts and shirt bin. Then I headed over to the new house and assembled the bed and put up some new art. The Baticelli now hangs in the entry way. It didn't take long. I returned and loaded up the end table and books and DVDs and returned and deposited them. Now to move in shelving and my closet stuff. Bit by bit. I could probably do it in fewer trips if I really packed it in, but I'm not in a major hurry.

Oh also moved in some mugs.

After the second trip I did my weeks shopping and got myself pizza from Woodstock's because I was feeling lazy.

Breaking Bad broke my heart. What a good, tragic show. Gah.

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