Thursday, September 19, 2013

dry faster ink, come on

Spent the night working on a drawing that is now just about finished, but I need to let it dry over night and see what touch ups it may need. I didn't do any moving today either. Wanted to work on this drawing. It's for a gift exchange and the deadline is the 20th. Also work ran late.

So busy! So many different jobs and things happening. It's really hard to keep it all sorted. Burned a bunch of screens, but improperly burned a few. Ehhhrrm. I reclaimed screens at the end of the day because we always seem in need of screens of all different kinds of meshs. If I don't have a day to just clean stuff, we get behind REALLY fast.

I just couldn't be bothered to finish The Black Company so I started Have His Carcase. Yay Peter Wimsey!

So yeah. Long day at work, got home lateish, started drawing. It's all good.

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