Saturday, December 6, 2014

tree thievery


It has finally thawed out a bit! The rain came and the snow is melted! It's less icy everywhere and that is grand. Worked on site and mostly photographed items. Did a lot of lighting riggings, and it's getting better session by session. I photographed a lot of jewelry.

And after work I met Aaron in Poulsbo for Pho! And we had pho and chatted till the restaurant closed. So that was nice. Got home at 10ish, but I wasn't working on site the next day so it's all good.


Slept all the way in. Rolled out of bed, washed my dishes, made coffee, snacked. Mom and Dad arrived at around 1ish. First we set about getting the paddleboat off the seawall. Took some bailing of rainwater out of it, and then some muscle to tilt and drain the interior. It needs some patches lest it sink when we first take it out on the water. Hauled it up and trucked it up near the snipe, and I draped my tarp over it. The tarp that was under my tent on all those camping trips across the country. The dirt and dust of the country!

Then we got out rain gear and saws and got into the truck and off we went to Duckabush Road to bag ourselves a Christmas Tree. We got a permit to allow us to chop one down. We went far up this narrow road which climbed around the mountain. A forest service road that my parents were surprised at how well it was maintained. They found a good tree once we got to a fork in the road. I also stole a tree for my out decoration purposes. We threw them in the truck and secured them under a net and headed back down the hill to Brinnon. We grabbed an early dinner at Half Way House. Dad and I had the 2 for 1 steak special, mom the oysters. Mine was delicious and we all split a banana creme pie!

Mmmm. Food.

My Twin Peaks and Cornetto Trilogy sweatshirt and shirt arrived too! Well it arrived at my parent's house, they just had to deliver the packages to me.

I helped Dad chop down a stray driftwood log, lest it break apart the seawall in a bad storm. I returned Catan and Carcassone to Ma & Pa. They didn't stay the night. I did some of my work from home stuff. Now to sleep.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

(psst, I added a Christmas list to the right on this here blog, it's mostly books in a variety of price ranges as you can see)

(what do YOU want?)

making those dolla dolla bills


Major cold day, and there seemed to be some patches on the road, so I took it slow and got to and from Bainbridge Island with no incident at all. Not fun to be up so early when it is so dang cold, but oh well. I ran some Poulsbo errands first. Spruced up the stores and put in outlet timers and hopefully they work. At work I photographed items all day, which I enjoy doing. It's just time consuming. The set up is a little better now that there are posterboards instead of white cling film on a black table. So I did that, and headed home and had some noodles.


Worked from home. Labeled photos, got items live on the store website, work work work! The slowest part is just getting the photos up on my internet connection, the rest goes pretty well. We have about 270 items up now, so that's good! So worked, planned a date for tomorrow, and worked some more. And took little dance breaks.

The tide isn't low enough during the day to look for the ladder.

And Mom, in case you didn't get my text a biopic about Yogananda is playing at the Rose at 1:30 on the 6th and 7th. Maybe something for you to do when you visit on the weekend? Or wait for Netflix.

I updated my movie calendar. Laggies is playing, but only for a couple days! Gah! Come on! The worst movies play everywhere. Now I don't know if Laggies is any good, but I know there are plenty of indie movies that I've had to go way out of my way to see.

Anyway. Working on site tomorrow, then a date with the geologist. Yaaay.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Whooo! Got all the items with photos up! Now to add more items that have photos, and then to photo the items that have been priced and get it all up. Working from home whoo hooo!

I dropped my mp3 player in water and it was all kind of not working this morning. I had it in a bag of rice, but it seemed pretty dead so I popped into Silverdale and got a replacement model. It's not the Sansa model which I love, but I'll learn to adjust. Need my tunes. And it also has a ton more hours of battery life. And I got some pants at Old Navy for 30% off, whoo! Some nice black pants. Professional pants.

Also got oil for my car and poured that in. Errands afternoon. After the pants I went back home. It's snowy and icey over Kitsap, but my car drove well. Then I got to work, and now I sleep and wake up early and go to work. Working on site tomorrow.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

bro tips

Thanks for the incognito window tip, Nate!

I'm sitting in front of the fire with my computer. It's very warm and I'm back to manually entering those two keys because I don't have a desk down here. But it is a welcome tradeoff.

Yesterday I went over to Celia's, who made a wonderful second Thanksgiving. Turkey, potatoes, gravy, beans. We noshed down and then watched Ghostbusters I & II back to back. I love Ray Stantz. I noticed something new in the first one, even! What a great time.

It got cold and now everything is frozen. I need more oil for my car. I'll probably drive out and get that tomorrow. They should have it in Quilcene.

It was so warm in my bed this morning, and my feet didn't thaw out till I got in front of my fire. I'm working from home tomorrow, and I've gotten a jump on it tonight.

I watched The One I Love on Netflix Instant, and it was so odd and great. I recommend it!