Monday, July 25, 2016

grand days out

Oh! So much to catch up on.

So I had a lovely weekend in Seattle. I headed out at around 3ish, which gave me ample time to breakfast and doze. I parked in a garage in Capitol Hill which was surprisingly affordable for 24 hours. Only had a little bit of traffic at the usual Tacoma intersection. I'd rather drive to the ferry, park there, and walk across. But I was going to Averie's party after so I drove around. But first a date with John. I like him. He's into watches, movies, travel, circus acrobatics. And he makes a damn good cocktail. We went to see a movie from SIFF's Noir festival: The Seventh Victim. It's odd to watch older movies because they have such a different language for how editing and stories play out. It was good though. Surprisingly dark.

And in the morning (I stayed over, oooohhhh!) (and it was so hard to sleep because cities are so loud and light!!) we got breakfast sammies at the farmer's market. John got a flat of various berries and some farm fresh eggs.

These crust punks were throwing glass bottles at a cement seating area, and they shattered and like...how much of an asshole do you have to be to think that is okay? And the type of people who throw full whole bottles of alcohol aren't the types you want to confront, they might punch you in the throat. Uhg.

John and I parted ways at 1. I met up with Mariel and her boyfriend Sanouk at Starbucks. We had a quick coffee and catch up and chat. Mariel looks so great! We're both wishy washy on attending our HS reunion.

After I walked down to Top Pot and got a raspberry thumbprint and powdered doughnut. I listened to two Amazon or Microsoft engineers ramble about very typical engineer things. Once I was sugared up on doughnut, I returned to my car and headed off to the beach. Parking was a nightmare and I got a spot way down south from the beach, then spent half an hour wandering up and down trying to find Averie and her shindig. Eventually ran into Muchim who was able to direct me to Averie! But at that point in the day it was time for me to head home. Hung out for a little bit though, and gave some hugs.

There was some construction I got stuck in for a little bit, but afterwards it wasn't such a bad drive. I didn't bother with the ferry. I'd rather spend more time in my car and save the money. I got some food stuffs at Central Market on the way back. I'm such a sucker for musubi.

Got back at 9. Drew. Got to bed at midnight.

Restless night sleep because I thought I hadn't paid my electric bill. I was in that weird half sleep state where you can't just pull yourself out to check you did pay it (I did).

We did seven turns at work, and it went pretty quick. The tag teaming + 1 on laundry and beds makes for fast turn around. I did cookies and folded laundry too. At home I took a nap and a dip in the canal. Now I'm tired again.

I so very narrowly avoided a massive sunburn. I got pink but no hurt.