Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sparks Nevada!

I was late to work because I bought doughnuts.

I bought doughnuts to make up for being late.

I believe that is called a self fulfilled tautology! Hahha.

The doughnuts were enjoyed. And I accidentally left them at work so now they'll be a bit stale tomorrow. Oh well, ho hum.

Work was warm. I showed up in shorts. I'm calling Santa Cruz's weather bluff.

Listened to Thrilling Adventure Hour podcasts mostly, and some MaddAddam.

Home I snacked and watched telly. A pretty average Wednesday.

once a scout, always a scout

I've become totally addicted to downloading Podcasts! There are so many awesome ones to listen to, and I can't listen to them all at once. History ones, film ones, funny mock old time radio ones with guest stars. It's all so good and enjoyable!

Work had a stressful moment but it's all good. Caught some shirts, though due to waiting for client approval, there was some delay in printing. Got the bags done. Coated screens. Prepped a bunch of screens for discharge and taped them. A nice full day. Unfortunately it was also a HOT day and I was wearing pants, which sucked.

My Night Vale Community Radio mug arrived! I ordered it a few weeks ago, but it was backordered. Also with it: Eternal Scout buttons AND a big Eternal Scout patch!

It's so cool, and I'm happy it's a really big patch too. Very striking. Hopefully a nerd in the wild will approach me.

Once at home I told Justen and Jeff about Welcome to Night Vale and encouraged both of them to listen to it. So hopefully they do and we can geek out about it.

Worked on art, that was good. All in all, a pretty good day.

I'm going to bring doughnuts to work tomorrow. Because I like doughnuts and I like sharing.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

thrilling tales! interviews! so many audio stories!

Boss wasn't in, due to the holiday and spending time with his kid, so it was just a "run this job and then do whatever" day. So we ran the job. Then I burned a ton of screens and reclaimed all that was ready to be reclaimed (19 screens). Listening to MaddAddam, which is pretty funny. Well funny in the scenes where Toby is dealing with the Crakers. Not funny in the overall speculative fiction dystopian setting that permeates the whole story.

Picked up some headphones before work. I like they way they fit in my ears better than the ones I was using, and the cord seems to be of better quality. See, I don't want to go too nice either because of the chances they'll be damaged at work/get ink on them. It's that balance.

Got home and took a nap. Grazed through dinner. Had a big thing of chamomile tea. Now I'm back to being tired.

I downloaded iTunes so now I can readily have access to Podcasts. I think I'll go on a Podcast binge for a while. A little burnt out on narratives.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

cheap man pays twice


Slept in well past noon. My body needed it. I was so tired after this week, though it wasn't as strenuous as other weeks. I picked up Justen from the dock, which was only a short drive, and then we walked from the house to Trader Joe's. Housemate hanging out! Then I put stuff in the crock pot: chicken, tomatoes, basil, feta, garbanzo beans. Mmm. Let it cook. Spent a lot of time hanging out. Read a bit. Rested. Had a brewski. The chicken was pretty tasty. Maybe not the most dynamic, but good.


Set my alarm and got up before it was super late. Had leftovers, which were really good cold. Did some tidying. Took a bath and read. Dinner was made by Tara and Justen, as per house meeting rules and stuff. It was kale and chicken, and the squash fry up with rice. Mmmm. Good stuff. The house meeting went long, but there were lots of things to sort out. Chores and cleaning and all sorts of things. It was a good meeting though, I think. It's good to sort out this and that.

My earbuds went bust! Gah! I'm just going to buy the next up in terms of quality, because if I keep buying the cheap ones and they keep breaking, and the better ones don't break, then at a certain point I'd have just saved money by spending $30 instead of $10 over and over and over.

Now it's time for Sunday telly!