Sunday, October 13, 2013

cheap man pays twice


Slept in well past noon. My body needed it. I was so tired after this week, though it wasn't as strenuous as other weeks. I picked up Justen from the dock, which was only a short drive, and then we walked from the house to Trader Joe's. Housemate hanging out! Then I put stuff in the crock pot: chicken, tomatoes, basil, feta, garbanzo beans. Mmm. Let it cook. Spent a lot of time hanging out. Read a bit. Rested. Had a brewski. The chicken was pretty tasty. Maybe not the most dynamic, but good.


Set my alarm and got up before it was super late. Had leftovers, which were really good cold. Did some tidying. Took a bath and read. Dinner was made by Tara and Justen, as per house meeting rules and stuff. It was kale and chicken, and the squash fry up with rice. Mmmm. Good stuff. The house meeting went long, but there were lots of things to sort out. Chores and cleaning and all sorts of things. It was a good meeting though, I think. It's good to sort out this and that.

My earbuds went bust! Gah! I'm just going to buy the next up in terms of quality, because if I keep buying the cheap ones and they keep breaking, and the better ones don't break, then at a certain point I'd have just saved money by spending $30 instead of $10 over and over and over.

Now it's time for Sunday telly!

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