Tuesday, October 15, 2013

thrilling tales! interviews! so many audio stories!

Boss wasn't in, due to the holiday and spending time with his kid, so it was just a "run this job and then do whatever" day. So we ran the job. Then I burned a ton of screens and reclaimed all that was ready to be reclaimed (19 screens). Listening to MaddAddam, which is pretty funny. Well funny in the scenes where Toby is dealing with the Crakers. Not funny in the overall speculative fiction dystopian setting that permeates the whole story.

Picked up some headphones before work. I like they way they fit in my ears better than the ones I was using, and the cord seems to be of better quality. See, I don't want to go too nice either because of the chances they'll be damaged at work/get ink on them. It's that balance.

Got home and took a nap. Grazed through dinner. Had a big thing of chamomile tea. Now I'm back to being tired.

I downloaded iTunes so now I can readily have access to Podcasts. I think I'll go on a Podcast binge for a while. A little burnt out on narratives.

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