Friday, May 17, 2013

the call

Had some shower inspiration for the new Odd Owl cover art, so I quickly sketched it and sent it their way. And in the evening I refined it some more. Pretty good day of productivity. Sandwiched in the middle was catching, coating, and counting shirts. Nothing went catastrophically wrong.

Almost done with this audiobook. I think I'll need some wholesome young adult after this.

Hannibal is one intense show, holy quacamole!

Tomorrow I go see Star Trek, and probably crash up in San Jose at Steve's. Unfortunately Steve will likely be moving to San Francisco in the next couple months. He'll be just far enough away to be really inconvenient. Boo.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

I like story universes

Stu caught the jobs, so I was sequestered to the back on clean and prep. Which is good. I like doing more than just catching and folding shirts. Really like to earn my pay! Burnt a few screens. Cleaned a few squeegees. Reclaimed screens and put them in the drying rack to super dry, and was able to coat them before the day was done. Cleaned a bunch of screens, and reclaimed 10. Those should be good to coat tomorrow. With Jeff running the press, we seem to be getting more jobs in and out of the studio, but that also means a lot more cleaning and screens needing to be used. Gotta keep ontop of things!

Had a little fried egg sandwich for dinner. It's list making time, because I have a lot to do once again. Going to try and do a bunch of it tomorrow because day after tomorrow is STAR TREK!

Also apparently the Jack Reacher novels are within the Stephen King universe because Jackie Wettington is known to Reacher? Very near.

Under the Dome is so long. I don't think I'll be done with it by the end of the week, but it is very engaging.

Odd Owl's Kickstarter is at $4,023!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

oh hey Tuesday

Sent off some ideas to Odd Owl, so that was productive. Their Kickstarter is at $3,721. Almost halfway!

Guess what I did today? If you guessed "ran shirts" you'd be right! Caught a discharge job, caught the backs of a sweater, and caught bags. Also weeded some tricky vinyl and cleaned stuff. It was a perfect day. Not too hot, not too cold. May is really shaping up to be a good month. Or maybe I'm just super enthused because STAR TREK FRIDAY OH MY GAWD!!

Uhm. Yeah.

Anyway, at home I worked on the stuff for Odd Owl. Research into themes for cover imagery mainly. I think I pitched some good ideas. Can't wait for the morning response.

Under the Dome is pretty brutal, though it is refreshing to read something where main characters are not safe. Too much safeness makes for some uninteresting stories.

Four years ago today I was the first in my math class to solve the Rubik's Cube.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

a really good monday

This week is off to a good start. Our water heater was repaired this morning and now we have piping hot water. Bye bye lukewarm water! At work I burned just one lone screen, and spent most of the day with banners. Though only seven banners, and four of them were smaller in size. After banners I cut stickers and cleaned squeegees and floodbars. We have a lot of jobs coming up that need to be run. Like...three different jobs that I can name. So it'll be a nice busy streak for the next week or two.

I grabbed more eggs and headed out. At home I washed my car, because it was filthy with pollen, and I swept downstairs. Nice to start the week out on a clean note. Tomorrow I shall get down to some serious brainstorming and whatnot.

Odd Owl's Kickstarter is at $3,566!

Monday, May 13, 2013

over the border and into sunshine


Yay! Friday! And it was a most singular task driven day. I had 11 10"x3" banners to do, and it did take all day to do them. Thankfully they were already cut longways, so it made the job go by pretty seemingly fast. Jeff tidied the rest of the studio. I started listening to Stephen King's Under the Dome. It is looking to be harrowing and brutal. Just the way I like my Stephen King.

Back at home I packed up, and at 7 I departed to meet Steve in San Jose for our weekend in Carson, Nevada.

It was a long drive, but no deer jumped in front of us crossing the pass (same road to get to Kirkwood and Tahoe). And we listened to Under the Dome, which was neat. His parent's bought a place, and some stuff had to be picked up, so we were there to pick it up.

All the grommets I punched at work did my shoulders in though, so I had a very restless night sleep. Not fun.


I slept in, and awoke to find out that Steve had gone to collect the mattresses on his own, so I sat in the small back yard and worked on crossword puzzles and snacked. When he returned, I helped moved the California King up the narrow stairs. Not an easy task. The twin mattresses were much easier. Seems like the house will be fitted for lots of various people to crash at. Steve's Dad's copilot Tim was staying there at the same time, but he was working on this plane thing so obviously he couldn't pick up the mattresses. Anyway. We went and got some Thai food for lunch, drove around a bit. It was a lovely day. Saw many Yellow Cars. Got Steve playing Yellow Car, though he has yet to listen to Cabin Pressure. We visited the airplane hanger where Tim and other machinists were working on plane conversion stuff, and got to check out the planes they were working on. It was pretty cool, seeing the interiors all stripped out and stuff. Made me think of Pa and Grandpa.

We made a Costco trip to see about getting sheets for the small mattresses, but there were none in the right size, so we just got a bake at home pizza and some ice creme. Yay for ice creme! We tried to find an ice cream place earlier in the day, but the GPS took us to an ice cream distribution center but not an actual store. Funny, but a bummer.

Back at the house, we put the pizza in and read our respective books while it heated up. It was very thick pizza, but tasty enough. Nice mellow day and night.


It was an early start, but not in a bad way. With no TV and Internet, going to bed at a reasonable hour becomes really feasible. We shared a waffle and had tea and coffee at a nearby coffee place, then returned to the house and packed up, and then headed back to San Jose. It was a scorcher of a day and soon I was melting. The ride went fast for me because I ended up taking a nap for about half of it. I'm a bad road trip companion. We had lunch at Carl's Junior and then back on the road we went. We got in to San Jose at about 3:30 and I got home an hour later. The traffic was pretty backed up, but going in the other direction on 17.

I took my time relaxing and catching up on Doctor Who, and then late in the afternoon I did my weekly grocery shopping. And I called Ma & Pa to chat.

Ooops! I wrote up this post early last night, but forgot to post it with the final inclusion of me watching Game of Thrones and eating salad.

Odd Owl's Kickstarter is at $3,426!!