Saturday, October 3, 2015

even more eclectic

I'm going down to Portland in a few minutes. I've done my makeup, I'm packed. Probably a bit overpacked for what is a one nighter. Just need to paint my nai-I just paused writing to paint my nails. Hopefully they don't get marred too quickly.

Yesterdat I did some work from home and made a garbage dump run. Juice and milk cartons aren't recyclable anymore! Wonder why. I picked up a beef dip to eat for dinner and I ate it at home.

One project I've been wanting to do is the one where you take a shattered powder makeup and break it into little pieces, add 70% alcohol to make a paste and reform it. I did this, taking powder and putting it into this vintage case I picked up from work. It had a brand new clean looking powder puff too! And it seemed to set pretty well come morning, so I'm stoked for that. Now I can powder my nose in style.

I had a rough sleep because the wind kept me up. Now to head to Portland! Adios!

Friday, October 2, 2015

not my bag, wait, yes! my bag!


Did a bit of work over at Celia's after sleeping in...well not sleeping in so much as staying awake in bed but all cozy like. I like spending time awake in bed in my own head. So yeah, did some work from home stuff and had popcorn for dinner.


Worked on site, but it was a short day. I photographed and helped pack things up and moved some things. Helped Jeremy move this furniture he got in tradeout for work. After work I went to Bremerton and dropped off some Habitat for Humanity stuff from the sale, and swung by Comics Keep and picked up my comics and the 4th volume of Saga. Hurray! I should read that in, oh, 15 minutes. BKV is not a verbose panel writer. Then I grabbed a slice of pie at Shari's and met Karen at Goodwill for gal pal chatting. I found nothing cute for me (awkward fitting tops in cute prints) but Karen found some cute baby clothes with flamingos on them. We talked upcoming things and life and just generally walked around the shop catching up. I returned home after and did a second rubbing of oil on my leather bag and leather shoes. Did I mention I did a first coat? Well anyway, my bag is all shiny and much deeper in color now. Hopefully I applied the stuff right. Maybe in the morning I'll give it a rub down with a clean part of my rag. Really smooth that oil into the material. Karen described my style as eclectic modern with a touch of vintage. Eclectic is one of my favorite words, and probably is the best way to describe me. I like cool things and good deals. My job converges the two.

Now to tuck into bed and read some comics. Tomorrow I got some more work from home to do, and packing up to do as well because Saturday/Sunday I will be in Portland!! Yaaay!


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I like tan leather


Final day of sales. Got up early and got there right on the dot. No traffic woes for me. The house also opened up right on the dot so that no one had real advantage by showing up early. Barb picked up things, as did this other lady. I grabbed a few things that didn't sell for sale prices. Not a long day. I did some photography of things for eBay. Showed Jeremy the hidden drawer on his new dresser.

After work I went to Seabeck. Ma and Pa bought me a shirt at Tetons! It's has a Gummi Bear on it. Had salad and pizza (I only ate one slice cuz the salad filled me up) and talked Turkey Day plans and Christmas Plans. Nothing really solid yet. Mom showed me the garden and I gave them some gifts (a print from the sale and a woodworking idea book). They showed me photos from their trip. Dad has a good eye for shots!

Went home. Went to bed early.


Tidied house a little bit more. Working from home tomorrow, taking the day off today. Made popcorn for dinner. Took out the trash...to the trash can. I need to make a dump run soon. Looked at seals through the telescope. There got up to nine of the raft today! With a tenth swimming about. A sit around day. I also rubbed the leather oil into my bag and leather boots. It says to let dry overnight and add a second coat, so I'll do just that. I want my leather looking spiffy!

Monday, September 28, 2015

small world

I didn't mention two coincidence.

Jeremy, who I helped with signs, studied baking in Montpelier. I talked about having my morning coffee in a shop there that seemed connected to the business building, and also had a window into a school baking shop. Turns out that's where Jeremy studied!

A guy came in to the sale and we were talking about living on the Olympic Peninsula, and through our conversation I found out he knew Grandma Marilyn and Grandpa John. I almost started crying.


Started at 10, after the sale had been going for a while. Slower day, but still had some good sales and a return of previous people to get more goodies. Whit and his son Wyeth stopped by, though with his hair down I didn't immediately recognize Whit. Laura came by too.

At 2-3ish Michela returned from taking down signs and we all got to dismantling the outdoor tents.

One grumpy lady came in and huffed at our prices and was putting on airs of pretension but then pronounces Las Trojas as "trojuhs".

I bought the medicine satchel at the discounted price. I love it. I need to treat the leather. Well Celia suggested I do that. I can't wait to weekend with it in Portland next weekend. Perfect travel bag. It's replacing my black one.

At home I put my feet up and washed my hair in the evening to prep for dying it on Sunday, then I went to bed.


Woke up and lay in cozy comfort for several hours. Had a lazy morning. Did laundry. Dyed my hair. Put a little bit of dye on my eyebrows and now they are much darker. Can't believe I didn't think of doing this sooner. They are about as defined as when I just use the brow mascara.

Folded laundry. Washed dishes. Didn't get as much cleaning done as I'd like, but I got a bit done.