Saturday, October 3, 2015

even more eclectic

I'm going down to Portland in a few minutes. I've done my makeup, I'm packed. Probably a bit overpacked for what is a one nighter. Just need to paint my nai-I just paused writing to paint my nails. Hopefully they don't get marred too quickly.

Yesterdat I did some work from home and made a garbage dump run. Juice and milk cartons aren't recyclable anymore! Wonder why. I picked up a beef dip to eat for dinner and I ate it at home.

One project I've been wanting to do is the one where you take a shattered powder makeup and break it into little pieces, add 70% alcohol to make a paste and reform it. I did this, taking powder and putting it into this vintage case I picked up from work. It had a brand new clean looking powder puff too! And it seemed to set pretty well come morning, so I'm stoked for that. Now I can powder my nose in style.

I had a rough sleep because the wind kept me up. Now to head to Portland! Adios!

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