Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I like tan leather


Final day of sales. Got up early and got there right on the dot. No traffic woes for me. The house also opened up right on the dot so that no one had real advantage by showing up early. Barb picked up things, as did this other lady. I grabbed a few things that didn't sell for sale prices. Not a long day. I did some photography of things for eBay. Showed Jeremy the hidden drawer on his new dresser.

After work I went to Seabeck. Ma and Pa bought me a shirt at Tetons! It's has a Gummi Bear on it. Had salad and pizza (I only ate one slice cuz the salad filled me up) and talked Turkey Day plans and Christmas Plans. Nothing really solid yet. Mom showed me the garden and I gave them some gifts (a print from the sale and a woodworking idea book). They showed me photos from their trip. Dad has a good eye for shots!

Went home. Went to bed early.


Tidied house a little bit more. Working from home tomorrow, taking the day off today. Made popcorn for dinner. Took out the trash...to the trash can. I need to make a dump run soon. Looked at seals through the telescope. There got up to nine of the raft today! With a tenth swimming about. A sit around day. I also rubbed the leather oil into my bag and leather boots. It says to let dry overnight and add a second coat, so I'll do just that. I want my leather looking spiffy!

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