Saturday, April 2, 2016

making art and writing down my name

 Two days into my five day weekend! Yesterday was mostly spent sleeping. I slept in. Got up. Had breakfast and showered. I went to the Bookmobile at Brinnon to get a library card.

The librarian asked if I was related to Marilyn (as you have read in my comic). Grandma has been gone almost seven years, and who knows where her last library visit was. Librarians are amazing' Such a nice little small town moment. I took a nap later. Had some dinner. Went to sleep. So tired.

Today was very artistically productive! I think I'm done carving March's card. It will be counted as March's design though it'll be printed in April. I'll do another design later in April too. One design each month! But yeah, got that carved and I'm looking at a sample print right now, with the spot colors. Not sure if I'll work on it a bit more or get to printing. I have 44 cards cut down from Bristol paper, for an edition of 40 with 4 for tests and artist proofs. I'm pretty happy with it! Just have to make a couple other decisions. Drew a comic. Had some pasta for dinner. I have a busy tomorrow (parents, bees, dungeons and dragons) and a date on Sunday in Seattle. Monday is a free day. Then it's back to work! Though the work next week is more deep cleaning/generally unsupervised type stuff.

It feels good to be doing so much stuff.

And I have my window open a bit. Cool air is wafting in.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

treat yo self monthly

 Tired! But now it's my weekend and I plan to barely leave the house for the next two days. I might go get a library card from the bookmobile. Maybe.

Anyway. I deep cleaned another room at work. Did bioclean in the drains which is a natural septic system thing. Our establishment is very green. Just listened to a lot of podcasts and worked. Then hauled over to Stedman's but they were closed due to illness. Went to Seabeck. Was tired and a bit snippy but I apologized. Dad did have a good idea and was most generous about buying the bee veil. I'll reimburse when I see them on Saturday. I just realized I have five days off in a row, not four! Five on, five off. Whoo. Where was I? Oh right, Seabeck. I got my mail and had some dinner and closed my eyes for a bit. With tea I was energized again for the final bee class. I passed all my bee tests 100% by the way. Go me! I'm excited for the hands on seminar this Saturday. Got home. Did the second to last litter. Went to bed.

A shorter day. We are ahead of schedule with three days next week that only look like they'll be two days of work (the inn is closed so it's been a lot of cleaning). So we both finished a bit early. I'll do the remaining vacuuming on Tuesday. The weather was just too nice. I went to see about getting a Jefferson County Library Card, but I need to get a mailing address. I've already planned to get a PO Box so that'll be no problemo. I got a PO box in Quilcene. And it was a nerdy referencing number. So I'm excited to get mail nearby, instead of having it go through Ma & Pa. Quilcene is technically further away from the house, but it is on the way to and from work.

Got home with plenty of time to chill. I made key chains for my PO Box keys. I drew a comic. I put my feet up. I had some noodles. I signed up for a couple little treat-yo-self things (ipsy and birchbox) to treat myself and see if I like 'em. They are those subscription boxes. These are makeup focused. I looked at a few reviews of previous boxes, and what came in the boxes pretty much all appealed to me and was a killer deal. So I'll see if I actually like them. I can cancel at any time, which is nice. It's good to be good to yourself in little ways. Little treats. And with the job I've been wearing more makeup. Breakfast shifts have a little note of "look presentable". Which honestly probably just means no sweatpants and flipflops.


Helped Celia for the last litter. It was pretty obvious I was done and she said I'd done my duty. I said Panda and Teddy and Sam had done their doody. Hehehe.

Nighty night!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

know when to fold 'em

SO TIRED! Got two days left. Tomorrow is going to be a super long one, between work and bees and home again. My tax return is supposed to drop on the 30th so fingers crossed!

So yesterday was a long full day. Started with the breakfast shift, so two and a half hours of dishes and loading the dishwasher and putting dishes away and keeping things moving. I did a lot better at keeping the flow of things. Then it was onto laundry! And that was three and a half hours of folding sheets and hauling sheets and folding more sheets. It's a work out! Holding up a king sheet and folding it up, it uses a lot of specific muscles. Dang. But now I know how to fold fitted sheets, so that's pretty cool! Did a mini food run and got home. Helped Celia. Drew comic. Took a major nap. Took a restless night sleep.

Today is the first of three deep cleaning days. Basically it's the time when you take a room and vacuum the carpet corner to corner, you wipe down the baseboards, you remove the toilet seat cover and clean under the bolt, you clean the light fixtures and dust up high and really scrub the bottom of the shower. It was time consuming though it rendered me less physically exhausted. Just so much detail work. I do another room tomorrow (seriously, five of my six hours on the shift were cleaning ONE ROOM that is how serious we do) and a third on Wednesday. Then I get a chunk of much needed days off. After work today I drove to Sequim because that's where the ink I use for printing. Specifically it's a Ranger Archival Ink pad. It dries so fast! My old one seems to be running a bit dry. It still works well enough for test prints, but it takes more pushing to get it a nice solid black. So now I have a new one that I'll bust out when it comes time to print editions, and a test print one. I also got some whale design washi tape to use on my envelopes. I like using the washi to make sure it's secure in the mail. Don't want a flap coming open!

Helped Celia with a kitty puke situation. Bleh. Now to retire to bed and hopefully get a better night sleep. My mp3 player is loaded up with hella podcasts. I went through so many today!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

loving lovely people

First breakfast shift! Breakfast shifts are dish washing. Running the washer, filling a soapy sink and a rinsy sink and a sanitizing sink. Learned that. Did that. Two and a half hours of dishes and putting away dishes and seeing the breakfast rush. Doing it again tomorrow. Then I turned one room, fluffed three, and did the office carpet and bathroom. The office is also their bedroom and it has a FLIPPIN' MURPHY BED! I wasn't snooping, I saw an oddly large cabinet, suspected, asked, and Boss showed me. So cool!

And I wasn't too tired by the end of the day. AND I got left over frittata for lunch. It was delicious.

After work I went down to Better Living Through Coffee and Jeanette treated me to a drip coffee that was so good. Very drinkable. Or is it pour over? I think it might be pour over, not drip. Anyhoo. We chatted and it was a mile a minute and I felt like we could have talked for hours! I'm so happy I can spend more time with her! And we met up with Clay and his two lovely daughters and we had ice cream and sat in the rocking seat in Elevated Ice Cream. Such a great Saturday. We parted ways and I swung by the art supply store and they didn't have the ink pad I need for the prints so it looks like I'm going over to Sequim after one of my shifts next week because Doodlebugs will have the ink pad. Weird that there isn't a more artsy craftsy store in PT.

My energy pill came and it is almost a full thirty bucks cheaper than last years bill was at this time! I think this is due to dad fixing the wall heaters and thus they are not running hot and using a ton of energy. Hurray! I went through the PUD online records and wrote up a little chart so I can continue to track if the power goes down consistently with other pay period times. It was ten dollars MORE than it was in 2015 during the pay period in 2014, when I was not living here. So I bet the heaters were running hot then, which would have been when they would have been turned on probably all the time to get the house from becoming too cold when unoccupied for long periods of time. Hmmm!

And I paid the PUD bill because like...now it would appear I don't have to worry so hard about it. I was expecting it to be a lot more for the next few months till summer kicked in and I just shut off the heaters all together.

Drew a comic. Had noodles. Helped Celia. GOOD NIGHT!

Oh and I treated myself to a Playmobil blind bag figure and it was the flight attendant! She has a wheely suitcase and everything.