Sunday, March 27, 2016

loving lovely people

First breakfast shift! Breakfast shifts are dish washing. Running the washer, filling a soapy sink and a rinsy sink and a sanitizing sink. Learned that. Did that. Two and a half hours of dishes and putting away dishes and seeing the breakfast rush. Doing it again tomorrow. Then I turned one room, fluffed three, and did the office carpet and bathroom. The office is also their bedroom and it has a FLIPPIN' MURPHY BED! I wasn't snooping, I saw an oddly large cabinet, suspected, asked, and Boss showed me. So cool!

And I wasn't too tired by the end of the day. AND I got left over frittata for lunch. It was delicious.

After work I went down to Better Living Through Coffee and Jeanette treated me to a drip coffee that was so good. Very drinkable. Or is it pour over? I think it might be pour over, not drip. Anyhoo. We chatted and it was a mile a minute and I felt like we could have talked for hours! I'm so happy I can spend more time with her! And we met up with Clay and his two lovely daughters and we had ice cream and sat in the rocking seat in Elevated Ice Cream. Such a great Saturday. We parted ways and I swung by the art supply store and they didn't have the ink pad I need for the prints so it looks like I'm going over to Sequim after one of my shifts next week because Doodlebugs will have the ink pad. Weird that there isn't a more artsy craftsy store in PT.

My energy pill came and it is almost a full thirty bucks cheaper than last years bill was at this time! I think this is due to dad fixing the wall heaters and thus they are not running hot and using a ton of energy. Hurray! I went through the PUD online records and wrote up a little chart so I can continue to track if the power goes down consistently with other pay period times. It was ten dollars MORE than it was in 2015 during the pay period in 2014, when I was not living here. So I bet the heaters were running hot then, which would have been when they would have been turned on probably all the time to get the house from becoming too cold when unoccupied for long periods of time. Hmmm!

And I paid the PUD bill because like...now it would appear I don't have to worry so hard about it. I was expecting it to be a lot more for the next few months till summer kicked in and I just shut off the heaters all together.

Drew a comic. Had noodles. Helped Celia. GOOD NIGHT!

Oh and I treated myself to a Playmobil blind bag figure and it was the flight attendant! She has a wheely suitcase and everything.

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