Friday, July 3, 2015


Waiting for Heather and Daniel to arrive ommggg!

Today I got up and had an egg scramble and then helped Dad out with putting together a trellis for the green beans. Eight sticks in four V formations with a single rebar through the V joint, with string weighted down on each side with two bits of rebar. It looks really nice and I can't wait for my precious green beans to grow up and around it.

I washed the sheets and pillowcases and tidied up the upstairs to make ready for guests. Lots of washing and drying, but I want my guests to be comfy.

The septic guy came later in the evening. He was pretty cute! Dark curly graying hair, probably Italian. Smart. I wonder what art he studied? So that was fun. Too bad he was pumping poop. Awkward first meeting.

Then we four (Celia, Ma, Pa and I) after eating dinner, took a quick swim. Now they'll be here any minute! Ooohhhh!!!

Then it's celebration day!

triple post


I literally can't remember what I did on Tuesday. What did I do? OH! I dyed my hair! That I think was Tuesday. Yeah. Did that. Ate food. Watered plants. Rested my skin. It wasn't all that burned, thankfully! Just a bit pink.


Ma and Pa came over in the eveningish, but first I left for errands. Got my hair cut by Vianne at SuperCuts (or is it MasterCuts?? the haircut place in Poulsbo next to the tanning place) and she did a lovely job fixing my mess. Did I mention I tried to cut my own hair? It didn't go so well. I finally decided to have it fixed, and it was for the best. And my bangs were trimmed into a nice shape. Now to grow my hair out nice and proper. I want my 2010 hair length back.

Then I did a shopping errand and got soda and Capri Sun and bug itch creme and other things. Also got The Fifth Element on DVD because it was cheap.

Back I went! I did some laundry and made pasta and waited for ma and pa. They arrived and I helped unpack a bit. The pasta was made with the last of the sauce Brynne left me. We chilled out and tucked in to bed and I had a very restless night sleep.

Also did some work from home.


On site work day! Mom made me a sandwich for lunch. I did my makeup with this eyeshadow primer I'm trying out. It's cheaper stuff but it is lasting as well as my sampler of more expensive stuff.

I photographed items. Itemized items. Helped organize stuff. A shorter day. I got caught by the bridge on the way over. On the way back I got gas, and fireworks (at George's, right across from NCAD, I got things that shouldn't set the peninsula on fire), and deposited my paycheck, and got snacks and finally got home after the awful Bainbridge traffic at almost 8!

I ate of the salad and fish and potatoes Mom made. I had a brewski and lit some bottlerockets and then settled in for a good old slouch in front of my computer.

I painted my nails red and blue! America! Tomorrow Heather & Daniel are coming up! I got laundry to do and cleaning of house to also do.

Feeling a bit anxious about stuff coming together for the shindig. It'll be fine. I'm still just anxious.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

snack attack/pink back/no shame

My power cut out last night, so I just went to bed instead of waiting for it to come back on.

Uhhh okay time to separate what happened on three days.

Today, Monday:

I got a slight sun burn! I showered and had a scramble and was like "the sun is out and it looks nice so I'm going to sit in the sun". At first I was just on the beach, but the tide came up and made it so the only bit of the beach that was dry was in the shade. So I pulled down the kayak and went out to the raft and set up there for some sunshine. Listened to podcasts and looked quite scandalous in my unmentionables because if I'm alone and there's no one on the water I'm not bothering with a Victorian swimming costume. Ha! Yeah. So I listened to podcasts, and then floated around a bit in the kayak while seals made eye contact with me.

Then I went into the shade and had some snacks and eye balled my skin. It's pink but it doesn't feel too awful. Hopefully it'll turn into a nice base tan. I want my childhood freckles back!

Celia gave me some soap and pointed out where a weird bee hive, possible wasp hive, nest is on the bank. Something to look out for!

I watched So You Think You Can Dance, and one of the dancers I was rooting for (the curly haired street dancer) went home. Such talent! Being able to learn choreography is the biggest deal breaker it seems. Loved seeing how the ladies in the street category totally slayed.


A gray, gloomy day. It even rained! I've been diligently watering my plants, so it was nice to take a break. I went into town and saw Spy, which was hilarious! There are so many good moments in that movie, and I look forward to double featuring it with Hot Fuzz. Loved the casting. I mainly rushed to see it once I knew Miranda Hart was in it! Chummy!

And I swung by Trader Joe's and picked up food and stuff. And cashola to give to some people that I owe cashola to.


Sat over at Celia's for a bit to get the primo internet to do some work from home stuff. Did my work. Gave Corbie a walk. Been watching the kitties and doggy because Celia was out of town for the weekend.

Had some pasta. Didn't get up to much else. Did some yard work and stood in the canal to cool off, that was nice.

It's been real nice to chill in the canal.

Now to buy some fireworks! Paid my P.U.D. bills, not only did it drop under three digits but it was almost twenty whole bucks cheaper than the last bill! Yuss!