Friday, July 3, 2015

triple post


I literally can't remember what I did on Tuesday. What did I do? OH! I dyed my hair! That I think was Tuesday. Yeah. Did that. Ate food. Watered plants. Rested my skin. It wasn't all that burned, thankfully! Just a bit pink.


Ma and Pa came over in the eveningish, but first I left for errands. Got my hair cut by Vianne at SuperCuts (or is it MasterCuts?? the haircut place in Poulsbo next to the tanning place) and she did a lovely job fixing my mess. Did I mention I tried to cut my own hair? It didn't go so well. I finally decided to have it fixed, and it was for the best. And my bangs were trimmed into a nice shape. Now to grow my hair out nice and proper. I want my 2010 hair length back.

Then I did a shopping errand and got soda and Capri Sun and bug itch creme and other things. Also got The Fifth Element on DVD because it was cheap.

Back I went! I did some laundry and made pasta and waited for ma and pa. They arrived and I helped unpack a bit. The pasta was made with the last of the sauce Brynne left me. We chilled out and tucked in to bed and I had a very restless night sleep.

Also did some work from home.


On site work day! Mom made me a sandwich for lunch. I did my makeup with this eyeshadow primer I'm trying out. It's cheaper stuff but it is lasting as well as my sampler of more expensive stuff.

I photographed items. Itemized items. Helped organize stuff. A shorter day. I got caught by the bridge on the way over. On the way back I got gas, and fireworks (at George's, right across from NCAD, I got things that shouldn't set the peninsula on fire), and deposited my paycheck, and got snacks and finally got home after the awful Bainbridge traffic at almost 8!

I ate of the salad and fish and potatoes Mom made. I had a brewski and lit some bottlerockets and then settled in for a good old slouch in front of my computer.

I painted my nails red and blue! America! Tomorrow Heather & Daniel are coming up! I got laundry to do and cleaning of house to also do.

Feeling a bit anxious about stuff coming together for the shindig. It'll be fine. I'm still just anxious.

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