Saturday, October 4, 2014


Brynne is downstairs, Andrya is upstairs, and soon I'll be over in the twin bed, reading and retiring to bed earlier than usual. But that is good because I've had a busy day prepping! Brynny is recovering from hip surgery, so I pulled down my mattress and plopped it on the fold out bed, so she wouldn't have to suffer on the thin makeshift mattress. Easy enough to get it down, but I'll need help returning it up to the garage.

I swept, I vacuumed, I dusted with that rotating duster, I organized, I put things away. I brought the road table up, and I brought the narrow brown shelves down and up, as they fit perfectly next to the long dresser. I put books in them, and put board games on the shelves where those books were. The house is really looking tops now!

Auntie and Andrya arrived at 5:30ish and got to making dinner of salmon and toasted olive loaf. Celia brought over a veggie medley and ice cream and bundt cake. Nums were had all around! Celia and Brynne lounged on the deluxe downstairs bed, and we all chatted. I drew my inktober. Now to bed with us all! Tomorrow is a new fun day!

hankies are my friend

Turned in a resume to an inn looking for a front desk person. Then I picked up some hankies at Quimper's. Is that the place that was where Swain's was? Anyway. hankie town!! I caught the matinee of Gone Girl at the Rose Theater. Damn. Rosamund Pike is just amazing in it. She is such a good actress and this movie just absolutely, brutally shows her range and skills. And it is a nice looking movie, well acted, well directed, well adapted all around, but DAMN Pike!

I got out of the theater when there was daylight, and drove into a gorgeous matte mottled sunset, and got home at dark. I washed my hankies (I handwash them in the sink with detergent, give them a little drying nudge in the dryer, and the let them hang on the rack for the rest) and washed the dishes. Tomorrow auntie and her friend are coming, so I'll be cleaning and tidying in the morning/afternoon. There isn't much to do, just general organization and getting some of my clutter out of the way, and doing a vacuum.

I stacked some brick shelves in the dog room, and now it looks super tidy! I didn't stack them that high, for fear of them maybe toppling back into the glass and, you know, shattering it.

A really productive day! Though just under 2 hours of it was spent driving to and from Port Townsend, which would suck to do if I got a full time job in Port Townsend, because there goes a decent chunk of my day. But hey money! I'll take it if it is consistent and it pays.

Friday, October 3, 2014

dust jackalopes

My internet has been on the fritz all day. Like, really slow and it takes a couple refreshes, but then it'll load real fast. 

Anyway, I got out of bed before 10! I normally doze in for a while in the morning, then get up and get to it. This morning I woke up with a purpose: assembling my books into the library that they want to be.

Now Mom and Dad, if you don't like reading about me making changes, then maybe skip this entry.

Anyway, the first step was getting the clutter out of the way on the floor. I boxed it up neater, I boxed up the books on the stairs, and I put these boxes on the full bed in the nook. I might move them out to the big bedroom once Auntie and Guest are gone. Then I hauled down my boxes from the garage. I used the wheely cart for the garbage bins. It took I think 3, maybe 4 trips to get all the boxes down and up to my room. Then I pulled the books from the boxes and put them on my bed. I only needed 2/3's of the blue shelves for my books, because I just in turn filled up the boxes that had my books with the books from the shelves. Now they have been prepulled and are just waiting for the proper organization come the wall shelf construction that will happen...some time. I had a pasta break for lunch and an udon break for dinner and YES I am aware that those are both noodles.

Oh, I started the day by drawing Celia's cabin for Inktober.

Anyway, the dust that was kicked up was just blergg oh my god! I'm so congested, it's horrible. Four hankies soaked! I can now measure my congestion in hankie soakage.

My books are now in an order of comics, indie comics, non fiction, fiction in small paper back, fiction in hard cover, memoirs/biographies, and authors that I have multiple works of are in their little groups here and there (Palahniuk, Atwood, Gaiman, Roach). I'm pretty pleased to have a large dynamic ME element in the house. I'm excited to sort more books, so that they can be easily referenced. Plus there are some nice vintage books and literary journals, but they are stuffed in out of any sort of order.

Just going through the house will be good, because it stirs up the dust and gives the overall atmosphere a "touched" feel.

And Ma & Pa if you read this, I boxed the books with much care. Don't call me to nag at me.

Tomorrow I plan to take down some brick and board shelves for the mudroom, and set those up for things like shoes. And clean and tidy because hot damn I am having guests!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

inktober begins

I left the house today! Woohoo! Also the "h" key has stopped working on my keyboard so now I must copy and paste the letter when I want to use it. Well control+V it in. Oh well.

I left the house today! I went to get gas and groceries. I was almost running on fumes when I got into the station in Quilcene. Filled up. Very chaching but hey, I'm not filling up every day anymore! So that is a good thing. Then I went and bought some snap peas and instant coffee and emergen-c and shampoo and other stuff at QFC. It was a gray day. Gray and a little bit rainy. I finished reading Sharp Objects and made some brownies and gave Celia back her bowl.

October means Inktober which means an ink drawing every day. I did one today. I'll try to keep it up. I'll scan and post it....later.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

adventures minimal

Sorry! I'm behind on this blog once again! I'm just chilling out here and letting my toe heal. It hurts significantly less, though it is still a bit swollen and it sticks out just enough so that wearing shoes is uncomfortable.

On Sunday we took the raft out of the water after an afternoon of shoveling mulch into buckets and spreading the buckets around the flower beds and plants. That's good groundskeeping! A nice steak dinner was had and Ma and Pa headed back to Seabeck to give Salvador his treats.

Monday I read Sharp Objects and ate left overs. I swept up all the dirt Ma and Pa tracked in. I watched The Thomas Crown Affair with Brosnan & Russo. An awesome remake. Very fun with lots of art and caper entertainment.

Tuesday I read more of Sharp Objects. A good lil crime novel. I was sitting by the wall heater and it was turned on and I took a nap. That's a good thing about living by yourself: you can just take a nap on the floor. I'm now inquiring into how to repair my Hockney book that got damaged during my roadtrip (too much time spent being sandwiched in a bag made the spine dislodge).

Can't believe September is over! I've been off the road a month now! I need to make a list of trip related art projects before it gets too far in my past.