Tuesday, September 30, 2014

adventures minimal

Sorry! I'm behind on this blog once again! I'm just chilling out here and letting my toe heal. It hurts significantly less, though it is still a bit swollen and it sticks out just enough so that wearing shoes is uncomfortable.

On Sunday we took the raft out of the water after an afternoon of shoveling mulch into buckets and spreading the buckets around the flower beds and plants. That's good groundskeeping! A nice steak dinner was had and Ma and Pa headed back to Seabeck to give Salvador his treats.

Monday I read Sharp Objects and ate left overs. I swept up all the dirt Ma and Pa tracked in. I watched The Thomas Crown Affair with Brosnan & Russo. An awesome remake. Very fun with lots of art and caper entertainment.

Tuesday I read more of Sharp Objects. A good lil crime novel. I was sitting by the wall heater and it was turned on and I took a nap. That's a good thing about living by yourself: you can just take a nap on the floor. I'm now inquiring into how to repair my Hockney book that got damaged during my roadtrip (too much time spent being sandwiched in a bag made the spine dislodge).

Can't believe September is over! I've been off the road a month now! I need to make a list of trip related art projects before it gets too far in my past.

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