Saturday, October 4, 2014


Brynne is downstairs, Andrya is upstairs, and soon I'll be over in the twin bed, reading and retiring to bed earlier than usual. But that is good because I've had a busy day prepping! Brynny is recovering from hip surgery, so I pulled down my mattress and plopped it on the fold out bed, so she wouldn't have to suffer on the thin makeshift mattress. Easy enough to get it down, but I'll need help returning it up to the garage.

I swept, I vacuumed, I dusted with that rotating duster, I organized, I put things away. I brought the road table up, and I brought the narrow brown shelves down and up, as they fit perfectly next to the long dresser. I put books in them, and put board games on the shelves where those books were. The house is really looking tops now!

Auntie and Andrya arrived at 5:30ish and got to making dinner of salmon and toasted olive loaf. Celia brought over a veggie medley and ice cream and bundt cake. Nums were had all around! Celia and Brynne lounged on the deluxe downstairs bed, and we all chatted. I drew my inktober. Now to bed with us all! Tomorrow is a new fun day!

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