Monday, October 6, 2014

ABC, Andrya, Brynne, Celia

I am by myself once again. Nice to have visitors, however brief. Nice to have meals made and all that jazz. Brynne rested long in bed each morning, but as the bed set up is deluxe, I'm glad she got much use out of it. Andrya made an awesome fritata with kale and mushrooms and other goodness. The weather could not have been better. I helped bring down the kayaks and Andrya and Brynne took lengthy paddles both days. Not so bad to haul them down with a bit of help.

Dinner was rice and curry and Celia came over and we gorged and it was amazing all around! So tasty. I had several servings. Something in red wine, the sulfates?, makes me congested it would appear, so I'm sticking to white. Or whiskey.

Brynne made this apple loaf, but it wasn't quite loafy enough so she left me the lot of it, which serves my taste buds just fine! It's more a flat cake than a loaf.

Lots of talk, gabbing, and more talk. Good that the weather is good and auntie was able to kayak!

And now to rest. Tuesday! Time to dust off the resume and really get down to job applying. Yay.

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