Saturday, March 1, 2014

yet another three day weekend


No work! What a light week. I made a lasagna, though the pan was too big so it didn't hold it's shape so well. Couldn't find a smaller pan. But it was edible! So hurray! And Justin ate a big portion, so now I have less to eat. Which is good, because I usually end up getting sick of my big meals when I still have portions left.

I sat on the couch and read Gone Girl on my Kindle for a while. Hung out with Eric and Davina next door and watched Charlie's Angels. Watched the new Hannibal. Reading on the couch was nice. I was wrapped up in my blanket, had some wine. A good time.


Took a walk in the late afternoon/early evening. Revlon rolled out some of their discontinued classic lipstick colors, and there are a few shades that interest me, but I was unable to locate them. But I did get some frames for some art that needs making in the near future. It was raining yesterday, but not so much today. Grilled a PB & J for lunch and heated up some lasagna for dinner.

Now I might cozy up into bed and read some more. Gone Girl is really gripping me, and I want to see what happens!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

it's a funny show

I'm watching Broad City and it is great. Very much recommend it.

Work! Worked today! But not a whole day, well not the full 8 hours. But going a bit light is nice. We ran shirts. Fronts, sleeves, backs. Nice and easy.

Weather was good. Sun was out but it wasn't that hot.

Had some edamame and tea for dinner. Watched Broad City.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

black and vinyl

Almost worked a full two hours today! It's been light at work. But it'll pick up. Got to get the ball rolling on things.

It was raining pretty heavily all day. Good for the grass. It's been so dry. Supposed to be several days worth of rain, too. I miss hearing it on the roof. I just get the sound of drain pipes.

At home I watched a bunch of episodes of Hannibal. Rewatched. Rewatching the first season (only 13 episodes) before the new one premiers in a few days. A little refresher. Ohhh I can't wait!

I walked to Target in the rain. Well the mall. I bought a prezzie for Nathan, and a Brienne of Tarth vinyl figure for myself (viva la lady character figurines!). And Target provided me with bath salts and ice cream.

I painted my nails black, which I can't remember the last time I had them that color. They look really nice. All shiny and dark.

And I took a really nice long bath. Soaked and relaxed and all was well.

Tomorrow we'll bust some shirts. It'll be rad.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


A short day! It was warm in the morning, but a chill breeze came in. They say we are going to get a few more days of rain, so yay for that. I burned some screens. I did a poll banner and a regular banner. Weeded some vinyl. Taped screens. Counted shirts.

Got home so early, it through off my whole sense of the evening. I watched Monsters, the movie directed by Gareth Edwards who is directing the new Godzilla movie. It was okay. A bit simple, maybe? But done well for what seemed like a minuscule budget. And I watched telly. And I did two loads of laundry! I'm working on separating my laundry a bit more, so that the heavy stuff goes together and the light stuff goes together. That is probably how it is supposed to be done.

Some some rice and seaweed for dinner. Not exactly vitamins and vegetables, but tasty.

I guess now I'll go to bed early and read on my Kindle.

Love my Kindle.

Gotta plan a party for my big brothers birthday.

Monday, February 24, 2014

mass hysteria!

Ran the front and backs on a design. Taped up some stuff. Dug through the film to find film. Reclaimed screens. Cleaned squeegees and floodbars. It's all sounding so repetitive.

I was really warm early in the day, but then a chill wind came in.

Had some gnocchi and watched Ghostbusters.

blue toilet water

Had a nice lazy start to the day. Tara and I walked to Target, and I got The 10th Kingdom on DVD! It was only five bucks, which is awesome.

It was a lovely day for walking. Nice and warm. Might need to break out the cut offs soon.

I cleaned the bathroom a bit, and washed the shower curtain and changed my sheets.

Just sorta loafed around. Lazy Sunday. Dang, already time to tuck into bed.

Oh, I got a letter telling me that the direct deposit for my refund didn't go through (did I mention this?) so now I'll have to wait on checks, and then send those up north. Boo! I want money NOW!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

prepare to die, obviously


Solo task day! No printing. I just weeded tons of text for an upcoming Nikki McClure exhibit at the MAH. The vinyl text that goes on the wall, not anything to do with her art. One of the institutions that helped put together the show was PNCA! That took me back, weeding out those old familiar words. I also cut vinyl and stickers and stuff. Listened to podcasts, which was nice.

Went home, had some food. Relaxed.

Later in the evening, I went downtown and met up with Ryan and Anita and Daniel at Rosie McGann's. Anita is leaving her job, and so it was a bit of a goodbye celebration. I didn't know most of the people, but the company was good. Oh, and Crystal was there! Ryan, Crystal, and I got tickets for the midnight showing of Scott Pilgrim vs The World at the Del Mar (everyone else had other plans). We wandered around till it was time to get seated. Such a fun movie! So imaginative and great. I think I've seen it more times in theaters than I have on DVD. I listened to an Edgar Wright interview today and he talked about watching Midnight movies, and now one of his films is one of them, and how that was great. It was a really charming podcast overall. I can't wait for Ant-Man (his next movie).

I dropped Ryan and Crystal off at the Tannery and UCSC respectively. I give lots of little lifts, mainly because Santa Cruz has horrible public transit that stops really early. I'd rather people have fun and I go a little out of my way, than have people leave early due to catching a bus.


Got up for the quarterly yard clean up! I was assigned back patio clean up, wood hauling, pinecone pick up, and sweeping at the end of the clean up. I got the back patio looking nice, and hauled a lot of branches back and forth. Justin cut out a lot of dead wood, so that was good. It was a very intensive clearing, and lots of trees were trimmed back. Now we have a big pile of wood that needs to get ... mulched somehow. Jeff treated us to pizza after, so that was great! It was tasty too, heavy on the garlic.

Then I took a nap.

6ish I swung by the Tannery and picked up Ryan and we went to Daniel and Anita's for another shindig. There was chili and fizzy water and cornbread and chips and cookies. There was also beer, but I was driving so I skipped that. There were... 12 people in total at the shindig but I've forgotten their names. We played card games and laughed and ate more chips. Sorry, not being very descriptive. D & A live down near Natural Bridges, and during the day you can see the ocean from their balcony. Really nice place. I got a slice of cake in good tupperware, so of course I'll be back.

Now I'm sleepy and want full on sleep.