Saturday, December 28, 2013

groovy in Seattle

Whooo! Sixties party! I set my alarm and rolled out of bed a bit early, because I knew I'd need to smear stuff on my face and get ready and all that. Had two P.E.O.T.W.M.C. courtesy of Dad. Yum.

I had my outfit picked out. I added some rings and a necklace.

Helen wore a headband and did a braid in her hair. Mom wore clothes that she typically wears. Dad wore an era appropriate protest shirt and headband. Nate wore a nehru jacket. We were a great looking bunch. Totally not out of place on the ferry ride over to Seattle, hehe. I had a hot dog on the ferry ride. A nice little middle meal. Elevensies?

The party was Aunt Janet's 60th Sixties Themed birthday party. It was the extended family on that side. Carmen, Josh, Rosie, Janet, Steve, Ian, Lief, Hans, Jennie, Jennifer... lots of people! And lots of good food and wine and lots of encouragement to sample all the wine. I would have gotten proper drunk if I did that though. Ha. Anyway. There was a dance contest and Dad gave "The Swim" his all. Other dancers gave their all too, but I'm not allowed to mention their names.

There was a costume contest (I didn't win) and a guess that tune (mom didn't win) and a photo contest (Dad and I won!!). Jeanette and Liam were there. Haven't seen them in years. Jeanette hasn't age a damn day! And Liam is in the double digits now!

It was a lovely shindig, and lots of people in costumes. Good time, good family, good food. All good. Yay.

Took the ferry back and swung by Central Market for fruit and goodies. Nate showed us his 23 And Me results. Pretty interesting. Only two more full days in Seabeck. Womp wooomp.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

boxing day

When I got up, everyone was gone! Waaah! Dad came down from the garage to inform me that Ma, Nate, and Helen went to the YMCA to exercise.

I had some breakfast and Dad made me a bagel. I started reading Mr. Penumbra's 24 Hour Bookstore for a bit. Off to a good start with that book.

We five went to the 4:50 showing of Frozen. It had some cute elements though there were disagreements about certain elements and if they worked or not. Good to have discussion though.

Dinner was rice and salmon and broccoli. Now Mom is reading aloud from The Snow Queen, which Frozen was based after....vaguely.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

get dressed you merry gentleman

Do I hafta blog? Everyone that reads this was with me today! Ahhh I guess I hafta.

I was the last up, and I chomped on bacon and drank tea and then it was presents time! I dumped out the stocking which contained Gandalf and Sarumon legos! I got to assembling them, which took some nice. And that time irked other people because I was still assembling when they were done opening presents. Come on! Give me some time to enjoy! Jeeze.

Got the stocking staples: chocolate oranges, Pocky, other candy, more candy...

Presents! Everyone enjoyed the hand painted mugs that I painted for them! Nate got Picklepoop, Dad got a landscape, Mom got Rhododendrons, and Helen (who arrived later in the day) got carrots! I spent a good chunk of a day painting these, which I didn't mention in my blog because I wanted it to be a surprise. I need to go and paint a mug for myself. Wheeee yay.

My Christmas print shall still circulate, so I'll wait on describing that.

Nate got a painting of a wheat crop from Minecraft, and Helen got some bananas to go with her ever growing art collection. Ma and Pa got a juicer from Nate. Mmm juice.

I got Mr. Penumbra's 24 Hour Book Shop, Shada, and N0S4A2. So yay books! And some socks and leg warmers. And Playmobil!

Oh! And a cool box that Dad MADE and it makes noise based on light when you remove the insert and it is really super duper cool! What a cool box! So stoked on my neato box. Can't wait to put stuff in it! Dad always makes the most awesome stuff. Yay Dad!

We four took a walk later in the afternoon (Helen hadn't arrived yet). A few loops at Anderson Creek. Then we returned home and snacked a bit. Then Nate left to pick up Helen at the airport, and Ma, Pa, and I watched the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special. That passed the time. Food was put in the oven.

Helen arrived (with Nate) and we were all Yay! Helen is here! We had dinner (salad, ribs, potatoes, wine) and it was lovely. Then we observed closely as Helen opened her presents. She seemed to like them, so all was well. Then we played ImagineIf and I won! It was a tough race. Nate took an early lead but we brought him back and I scooted in to win. Fun game. I think we'll go see Frozen tomorrow.

Ma, Pa, and I watched the new Doctor Who episode where he regenerated into Capaldi. I cried. A bit. Well more than a bit.

And now to bed! What a nice Christmas. Yay for good company and good food.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

there and back again

I thought I heard Dad snoring, but it is Holly.

I got up before Nate, so that is good! Always nice to get up before other people. Had some cinnamon rolls for breakfast and tea. Loafed about. Played no games. Just ate food. Nate told us about this documentary he watched about the bad sugar that is in everything. He is a bit of a kill joy. We still ate sugar.

We caught the 3:30 showing of The Hobbit in the new (to me) Bremerton theater. It is SO AWESOME! And much better when you are not so very tired. So much fun.

Back at home we ate shrimp egg sunflower seed salads. Those were good. Mmm. Afterwards Nate and I hot tubbed and then played computer games.

Now it is time to rest, I suppose. For tomorrow is CHRISTMAS!!!!

my girl Holly

Slept all the way in. My bed is so comfy and soft. Just sucks me down into it. Ahhh. Took a lot of effort to get up, but get up I did. Showered. Had some tea and cookies for breakfast. Nathan had arrived too, so that was good! He had a very early flight and took the airporter to Silverdale. His luggage was more a thing to deal with as opposed to mine. Luggage full of PRESENTS! FOR ME! Hopefully.

Today was a nice, slow at home day. We ate food (sandwiches, teriyaki skewers and broccoli, candy) drank stuff (tea, juice, cinnamon whiskey), and played games (ImagineIf, Who Flung the Poo?, Cranium: Hoopla). Dad worked in the garage on his projects. Can't wait to see them!

A nice mellow day. We walked to the driveway to get the mail. I cuddled with Holly a whole bunch. Salvador doesn't like me.

I did my makeup. Really need to practice my eyebrows! I like having more visible brows.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

car, train, plane, and boat. good thing I have a coat!

Damn, I think that has to be a record of how fast it takes to get from Santa Cruz to Seabeck!

5:30am: alarm.
5:50am: get out of bed and shower and munch some food and finish packing
6:45am depart house
6:50am put some gas in tank and fill up tires and then head north to Mountain View
7:45am arrive in Mountain View to get a lift to the airport from brother
8:05am arrive at airport
8:20isham get through baggage check line
8:40isham get through xray line, there is a lady with a yappy dog but otherwise all is well
9:10am get a breakfast bagel and chocolate croissant and eat them
9:35am board plane and get seated in an aisle and have to deal with annoying demanding lady who makes a fuss about now having easy access to the aisle but then she sleeps through the whole flight so whatever to that
10:15amish away we go!
noonish arrive in misty Seattle
12:15ish get bag from carousel, it was one of the first off
12:25ish board light rail for downtown
1:05pmish get off train at Pioneer Place and strut down the hill in hopes of catching the 1:30 to Bremerton
1:25pm board the 1:30 to Bremerton! Booyah!
2:30pm disembark after a nice ride over the water and yay, Ma and Pa are there!
2:45pm we get barbecue to take home
3:20pmish HOME!! Like, wow no time at all. Travel is amazing!

At home we ate the barbecue and I petted Holly plenty and we chatted and caught up about all sorts of things. Celia came over too! Yay! I don't think I've seen her in two years just about, so that was awesome. Her new hairdo is quite good. We opened a few presents and gabbed and I tried on outfits for the sixties party. Lots of fun options! We ate dinner and ate lots of chocolate and mom made cookies and we played a game that was pretty fun and a good laugh!

It's nice to be back. Now I have some presents to wrap!