Sunday, December 22, 2013

car, train, plane, and boat. good thing I have a coat!

Damn, I think that has to be a record of how fast it takes to get from Santa Cruz to Seabeck!

5:30am: alarm.
5:50am: get out of bed and shower and munch some food and finish packing
6:45am depart house
6:50am put some gas in tank and fill up tires and then head north to Mountain View
7:45am arrive in Mountain View to get a lift to the airport from brother
8:05am arrive at airport
8:20isham get through baggage check line
8:40isham get through xray line, there is a lady with a yappy dog but otherwise all is well
9:10am get a breakfast bagel and chocolate croissant and eat them
9:35am board plane and get seated in an aisle and have to deal with annoying demanding lady who makes a fuss about now having easy access to the aisle but then she sleeps through the whole flight so whatever to that
10:15amish away we go!
noonish arrive in misty Seattle
12:15ish get bag from carousel, it was one of the first off
12:25ish board light rail for downtown
1:05pmish get off train at Pioneer Place and strut down the hill in hopes of catching the 1:30 to Bremerton
1:25pm board the 1:30 to Bremerton! Booyah!
2:30pm disembark after a nice ride over the water and yay, Ma and Pa are there!
2:45pm we get barbecue to take home
3:20pmish HOME!! Like, wow no time at all. Travel is amazing!

At home we ate the barbecue and I petted Holly plenty and we chatted and caught up about all sorts of things. Celia came over too! Yay! I don't think I've seen her in two years just about, so that was awesome. Her new hairdo is quite good. We opened a few presents and gabbed and I tried on outfits for the sixties party. Lots of fun options! We ate dinner and ate lots of chocolate and mom made cookies and we played a game that was pretty fun and a good laugh!

It's nice to be back. Now I have some presents to wrap!

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