Tuesday, December 24, 2013

my girl Holly

Slept all the way in. My bed is so comfy and soft. Just sucks me down into it. Ahhh. Took a lot of effort to get up, but get up I did. Showered. Had some tea and cookies for breakfast. Nathan had arrived too, so that was good! He had a very early flight and took the airporter to Silverdale. His luggage was more a thing to deal with as opposed to mine. Luggage full of PRESENTS! FOR ME! Hopefully.

Today was a nice, slow at home day. We ate food (sandwiches, teriyaki skewers and broccoli, candy) drank stuff (tea, juice, cinnamon whiskey), and played games (ImagineIf, Who Flung the Poo?, Cranium: Hoopla). Dad worked in the garage on his projects. Can't wait to see them!

A nice mellow day. We walked to the driveway to get the mail. I cuddled with Holly a whole bunch. Salvador doesn't like me.

I did my makeup. Really need to practice my eyebrows! I like having more visible brows.

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