Saturday, December 28, 2013

groovy in Seattle

Whooo! Sixties party! I set my alarm and rolled out of bed a bit early, because I knew I'd need to smear stuff on my face and get ready and all that. Had two P.E.O.T.W.M.C. courtesy of Dad. Yum.

I had my outfit picked out. I added some rings and a necklace.

Helen wore a headband and did a braid in her hair. Mom wore clothes that she typically wears. Dad wore an era appropriate protest shirt and headband. Nate wore a nehru jacket. We were a great looking bunch. Totally not out of place on the ferry ride over to Seattle, hehe. I had a hot dog on the ferry ride. A nice little middle meal. Elevensies?

The party was Aunt Janet's 60th Sixties Themed birthday party. It was the extended family on that side. Carmen, Josh, Rosie, Janet, Steve, Ian, Lief, Hans, Jennie, Jennifer... lots of people! And lots of good food and wine and lots of encouragement to sample all the wine. I would have gotten proper drunk if I did that though. Ha. Anyway. There was a dance contest and Dad gave "The Swim" his all. Other dancers gave their all too, but I'm not allowed to mention their names.

There was a costume contest (I didn't win) and a guess that tune (mom didn't win) and a photo contest (Dad and I won!!). Jeanette and Liam were there. Haven't seen them in years. Jeanette hasn't age a damn day! And Liam is in the double digits now!

It was a lovely shindig, and lots of people in costumes. Good time, good family, good food. All good. Yay.

Took the ferry back and swung by Central Market for fruit and goodies. Nate showed us his 23 And Me results. Pretty interesting. Only two more full days in Seabeck. Womp wooomp.

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Gorgeous, petal! xoxomum