Sunday, December 29, 2013

ciao Nate and Helen, see you in a few days!

Another sleep in day. Tomorrow will not be one.

Nate and Helen went off to the gym. I ate udon with egg and bagel and creme cheese and salmon and drank tea and loafed about. We had an early supper when they came back. Then all was packed up and we went into town to drop them off at the airporter. Boo sad! I'll be in the same position day after next. We swung by Best Buy and got some James Bond dvds, then hardware store for lamps (mom bought a party lamp that changes colors), then REI for book exchange. We returned home for a little bit. Put up our feet. Snacked. Then off again to Port Orchard and the Dragonfly Cinema to see The Book Thief. It was a good adaptation. No complaints about what they changed as the changes make sense.

Returned home. Made some plans with Marcus. Now to sleep!

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