Tuesday, December 31, 2013

good fortune

Monday (aka travel day):

Got up early and Dad made breakfast, and a little to go paper bowl of a cinnamon roll. I grabbed a drink, packed the rest of my stuff, and off we went to the airporter! Womp wooomp good bye Seabeck. I sat by myself on the ride over. It wasn't a full airporter. Arrived at Sea-Tac and it wasn't bustling. I like how Alaska Airline is all streamlined now. Self serve check in, then you just drop your bag off with someone at the conveyor belt. Easy.

I got some fish and chips from Ivar's. Well, that is what I ordered. They gave me shrimp and chips. Which I'm fine with. I ate them and chilled in the main terminal, then chilled by the gate. No one was seated next to me during the 30 minutes hop to Portland. Being in Portland, even if it is just the airport, made my heart twang. It was a quick layover and then I was headed to San Jose. I read my book.

Landed, got my bag, and Nathan arrived lickety split to pick me up. Back at his place, he, Helen, and I played Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer, which was very fun and similar to Dominion in game play. AND I WON! I got 80 points, and Nate and Helen came in at mid 50. HA! YES! Go me, I am so awesome.

I got back home late. Unpacked a bit. Chatted with Justen. Then late at night I retired to bed. And I had the heater on so I didn't freeze, because damn this house doesn't maintain heat AT. ALL.

Also I claimed Nate's slippers for myself.

Tuesday (the last day of 2013):

Slept decently in, but not tragically so. Had some oatmeal and tea. Made a grocery run. Cleaned house. Wore my slippers, which help a whole lot. Did my eyebrows. Still no word from boss about him wanting me to come in, so... yay? More time off is good?

I finished unpacking, though I kinda perilously stuffed a few things into corners with no proper organization.

Met up with Anna, Justen, Michael, and Anna's friend uhm,.. I forget her name. For dinner at Dynasty Restaurant. Chinese food and whatnot. Justen's fortune cookie was "handsome is as handsome does". Right after he read it out loud, he spilled his take out box on himself.

Justen moves out tomorrow. End of a short era.

Just sticking around here for midnight. Tomorrow is the new episode of Sherlock! Yaayayayay!

New year, new happenings. Let's do this!

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