Thursday, September 1, 2016

food comics


My internet continues to be spotty. This is so frustrating, but at least every time I manage to eek through, nothing important is going down on Facebook. I'm only really down a couple social networks I only use through the internet. My phone gets most of it. Right now I'm writing this in a word doc. Hopefully I can get enough of a window to post!

I wonder if my own internet would be all that expensive and what sort of plan I'd be locked into. I don't have an active phone line out here.

The deep clean days are done, though alas we only got through three rooms out of the five that need it. Or was it six? Yesterday the Stanley Steamer people came out and did the grout on all the floors. I finished Baker and did laundry and the baseboards. Ginger did the upper vacuuming getting the cobwebs. Lots of up and down stuff. I also got the scuff marks off the walls. Really got into all the corners, making it extra nice. It's weird but the rooms really do seem slightly cleaner once we've really gone at them top to toe.

There was a photographer around getting new shots of some of the rooms.

Today (Tuesday) I did floors and turned a few rooms and helped with laundry. Got the tables ready for breakfast. Doing breakfast tomorrow, then I have four days off!

After work I treated myself to a banh mi. I told them how good there's was and how much better it was than one I had recently at another place.

Sunday! Hmm what did I do Sunday? Well the deep cleans began. There was a lot of stripping of bedding to be done, and laundry too. I got the upmost small room, Baker. So I worked on that. Did floors too. Afterwards I worked on walking in my heels. Walked down to BLTC and got a coffee and pot pie and read comics and worked on planning stuff. Then I saw Don't Think Twice. It was good, but emotionally harrowing from a creative producer standpoint.

Now I gotta sleep, then work, then I have a few days to catch up on what I've been neglecting.


Quick breakfast shift! Had four people and I got it done. Got all the kitchen stuff clean, tended to the rooms and the employee bathroom, and all was generally good. Could have gone a bit speedier, but oh well, no major complaints. Right now we are at a "on top of everything" stage.

Afterwards I went to Goodwill and found pants that fit me!! Wow! And they don't look half bad either. And some shoes that were the 50% off tag color. And a shirt that completes my Waldo costume again, huzzah! Ran into Teddi too, because PT is so small.

At home I took a nap, drew my comic (which the creators of HIGIYM liked!), and now I'm going to finish laundry.

Celia came over with delicious soup. Very delicious.