Saturday, September 22, 2012

oh and I got some beef jerkey

I tried to sleep in, but I only made it to 10:30ish. Ah, it just wasn't meant to be. Had oatmeal, and a fried egg sandwich, and some quiche that Janet made (she is so awesome). I went to Target and got some things like soap and toothpaste.

Felt a bit groggy and headachey earlier in the day but that seems to have passed.

Doctor Who was good. The Bletchley Circle was AMAZING! Watching Parade's End. I didn't accomplish much today. Just sort of took it easy and all that. Tomorrow I'll get down to drawing and things.

Now I'm starting to feel tired again.

Friday, September 21, 2012

oh and the soundtrack was swell

Arrived at work at a very good hour, unfortunately there was not much for me to do. I cleaned some things, and went home. The seps were not ready to burn. Monday should be a consuming day. I was given the heads up that there would be leaner weeks. Just have to keep an eye on my expenditures during these times. But I don't really have expensive tastes. Movies, the occasional burger, books...that is about it.

So with my super abbreviated Friday, I kicked back! I washed my car, because it had bird poop and pollen on it, and now it looks nice and shiny. I did laundry. I tied up a bit. Kicked all the way back.

Had my leftover Chinese food for lunch. Had some pasta later on. I saw the 8pm showing of The Master, and it was pretty intense. A really beautiful, well shot film with great performances. I don't quite know what to think of the story, but damn was it nice to behold.

Won't see the midnight movie, Drive. Feeling a bit tired. Have been feeling a bit tired. Some sleeping in will do me good. Probably.

Have art to work on this weekend! No other big pressing plans. Art is good though. Yay art.

Kim Novak's eyebrows are amaaaazing!

I cleaned up the new vehicle at work a bit more. Weeded more stickers. Coated screens. Burned and taped up some screens. The weather continues to be nice in Santa Cruz. I put on jeans when I get home from work, but I make do with shorts and a shirt through the day just fine. So that is nice.

After work, I met Ryan and Cassidy at Yan Flower, a Chinese restaurant, and we ate dinner and talked movies and stuff. After that, we saw the special showing of Vertigo at the Regal 9. That was awesome. I've never seen Vertigo before, so it was great to watch it for the first time on the big screen like that. Now I must watch more classics!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday doodles

At work, I ran the sleeves, and caught some shirts. I cleaned and reclaimed some screens. I weeded some vinyl. Helped roll some vinyl. A nice mix of things. Started listening to Mort, having finished Equal Rites.

Back home I doodled a bit. I doodled this:

And this:

Annnnd this, in response to a Annie's struggles with painting:

So there is that. Robin is moving to San Francisco soon, so that will be awesome! Have to figure out what I'm bringing to the wedding. Hmmmn.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

knit & perler

Spent the night playing with Perler beads. You know, those little plastic beads you arrange on small pegs and melt with an iron to form shapes? Those things. So much fun! Made a few little things, just to get a hang of it. Pretty fun night. Course, I have a very relaxed sense of fun. Heheh.

Joey came up and settled in my bed for a while, so I had some company. She made a big fuss of it when Janet tried to get her to come down stairs.

At work, I rolled this roll of paper off the laminator. Double handing this roll, always holding it up as it got heavier and heavier, and rolling it with your hands? That is a tough work out, I tell you what. Also rand the sleeves on a job, and taped up some screens, and burned some screens. I got a lot of ink on my arms, but none on my shirt. My shirts are considerably less messy than when I started. Whoo!

After work, I made a grocery run. Yay for food. And I installed better anti-virus on my computer. Then I broke out the perler beads and cut loose.

Is this what I expected my life to be like, at age 24?

Dunno. Yes? Maybe?

"I'm an American. Have gun, will travel."

Monday! And I enjoy my job, so I never wake up going "uhg". Sometimes I want to sleep a bit more, but who doesn't? Anyway. Got up, showered, had my breakfast and prepared my lunch. Went to work only to have my boss say "you didn't get my text?". "....what text?" Turns out he was doing an install in Carmel and there wasn't anything on the docket for the day. So I went home to enjoy the day off. Whooo!

And I checked my phone and BOOM there was the text. I'm pretty sure I checked my phone before I left? Thankfully it is a short commute.

Watched the new episode of Downton Abbey. Such fabulous costumes! It is 1920 in the show now, so that is pretty fun. And Mom's favorite Shirley MacLaine is in it.

Watched that. Had scrambled eggs.

Worked on thumbnails. It was pretty nice to have this extra day off, actually. Gave me just enough extra time to do some things. Still need to do some grocery shopping though, I'm out of apples. I can do that tomorrow.

And tonight I went to the game meetup at Woodstock's! Chris, Andy, and Alan were there, and I met Peter, Alissa, and Karen. After I consumed my pizza and beer, Andy, Alan, Peter and I played Evo. I came in a close second. The next game was with the seven remainders, and it was Saboteur, this card game thing where you secretly sabotage others in the game. That was fun! I tied with Karen for first place.

So after three hours, I returned home and finished up my thumbnails and sent those off. All is well!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

there can be only one

Another weekend day spent over the hill! This time all in Redwood City.

Though first I slept in till noon. Because I'm worth it.

I also found out that there is another Trillian. At PNCA. Who is an illustration major. DAAAANG! I should challenge her to pistols at dawn.

Anyway, I had lunch at Pamplemousse in Redwood City with Luke. Who is Luke? Well another of those online fellows. He would be the....fourth? Hahah. Though some may be more reoccuring than others. Luke is studying biology (or some subdivision of it) at Stanford and has been all around the world and generally was pretty cool. I had a bacon avocado turkey sandwich and it was amazing. It was a nice little luncheon followed by a little walk around the area. A nice day for it.

After that, I went to Nathan's and played Guild Wars 2 and watched Breaking Bad and drank lemonade and caught up on sibling stuff. Good times.

My GPS is having issues detecting the charger, so I got back to Santa Cruz on purely memory. I need to figure what its deal is, so that I don't have to struggle to get around north of highway 17, provided I continue to hang out with more people above the hill. Hmmmn.

sunshine on my skin

Most of my posts start at the start of my day, because that is easiest. Got up, had breakfast, as it is the weekend and I'm not working and it is Saturday I watched the new Doctor Who episode. Had some more food.

Then I hopped in my car and headed over the hill to San Jose to spend the day with Steven. You might remember him as being the dude I saw Lawless with and walked around Santa Cruz. Anyway, this time I went up to his area and walked around it with him. San Jose reminds me a lot of other places, but only for a couple blocks at a time. We played frisbee a bit and talked about Discworld and the Bechdel Test. Had dinner, and then brewskis at this new opening place. There was a Reddit meet up of sorts going on, so we shared a table with some other Redditers and talked about stuff that is relevant to the Reddit types. It feels good to know I can be randomly social with people. We shared poutine and it was good, but I want to have proper Montreal poutine. Afterwards we watched the Edward Norton movie Leaves of Grass, and it was an odd, darling, weird little movie. Norton is a great actor who isn't in nearly enough movies these days. My GPS had a dickens of a time finding reception when I was leaving San Jose, but it eventually did.

Tomorrow I'll be back over the hill. Hanging with Natey.

Though have some stuff I want to get done in the morning time.