Friday, January 16, 2015



Worked on site! With the boss. I helped organize shoes between good ones and worn ones. And I photographed two boxes and made notes for sale. It was a bit rainy but not cold. Had a good day at work. Afterwards I headed over to Suquamish where Aaron made pork in the crock pot with cheesey polenta. Yum yum, so good! And we played Pandemic! Good game.

Had an easy drive back, but got back late so I tucked in to bed.


Did a bit of design work from home and went and deposited by paycheck. And went back home and preordered a ticket to see Whiplash at the Starlight Room. It's a very small cozy theater venue. All chairs and sofas and things. I think only about 35 people are seatable there. Gotta preorder!

This late arrival couple couldn't find a seat together, so I traded mine so that they could be next to each other. I told them "I know how you kids like to hold hands" and they got a good laugh about that. And my new seat was a better one! The lady behind me complimented me on my immediate swap with the couple. No biggies, but I am bragging about how good of a person I am so err.

Whiplash, a movie about a jazz drummer and his sociopathic teacher, was AMAZING! Intense, beautiful, just great. Excellent talent and well filmed. Highly recommend it if you are in the mood for something excellent and intense.

And The Babadook and A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night are coming to The Dragonfly. Stoked on that.

Got some errands for tomorrow. Weekend!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

tea, scramble, udon, repeat

It's not yet Midnight and I'm blogging! Getting better at this thing! Well I gotta leave early tomorrow to run an errand. Got a book to pick up at Liberty Bay Books.

Today I rolled out of bed and meandered my way through my job's duties. Edited photos. Edited the document. Getting a better sense of time per item. I want to ask about researching prices because some things just look like they could be ball parked. But yeah got a good chunk of work done.

Had noodles and a scramble. Kept wrapped in my blanket. Drank juice. Boogied to music.

back on the BI

Working on site! I was by myself for the most part (Larry came and went) but it's all good. I was just photographing items and weighing them and measuring them. Not conversational work. This time around I am timing how long it takes to photograph and weigh and measure the items, so we can better calculate how to charge. It is fun being in on the start. I also started a new item spreadsheet so that we can work towards the most concise one to have to upload it to the store. Better and faster!

Had a nice drive in and back. Listened to podcasts and The Unbelieveable Truth and music. Had a nice day of it. I'm at home tomorrow researching the items I photographed. Working on more time estimates. Right now it's ~4 minutes of work per item.

At home I watched Broadchurch and Parks and Recreation and chilled.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. A week later is my birthday. I have no plans thus far.

ahhh I turn 27 in a week

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

oyster shell white

Had a good sleep in. I didn't set my alarm, so it was very solid. Normally I do set my alarm just to sort of pretend to keep my body at a time. Gotta get up early tomorrow to work on site, so that's a thing.

Dad made hashbrowns and eggs and toast for breakfast and I made myself a coffee. Yum nums. I helped haul up some oyster shells for the driveway so that some of the softer bits can get some traction, and also just so that it looks nice and you can see the path better in the dark.

Ma and Pa left when it was still light.

I couldn't find the car wash soap. Not a single bottle anywhere on site! Lots of other bottles of cleaning stuff, but no bubbly for cars! Still I got my car wet and wiped it down. Should help it not look so ridiculously dirty. And I cleaned the inside of the gas, which was long overdue to happen.

In the evening, I amassed more emails for the contact list. Got a good chunk of local stagers. Only scratched the surface of interior designers, but stagers are a priority and all that.

Gotta tuck in early. Gotta get up early.

Monday, January 12, 2015



Took my trash to the Quilcene dump. 6.15 for the whole can! Three bags. Not by weight. So much cheaper than trash pickup (unless it was a quarter a week, but I doubt it is). I was pretty stoked on that. And I got to put it in a trash compactor. And I put my recycling in the bins too. I deposited my paycheck. I got food at QFC. Unfortunately I was hungry, so I got more junk food than I needed. But got regular food too. Anyway. Felt good to knock out a bunch of errands.

Hermited it up for the rest of the night.


Slept in. Tidied. Washed jeans. Celia and I went to Port Townsend to see Big Eyes at the Uptown Theater. It was very understated for a Burton film. Really beautiful sets and costumes and Amy Adams is great, as always. Celia made delicious garlic popcorn that we snuck into the theater. Hee hee hee.


Ma and Pa visited! Are visiting! They are sleeping up at the garage, so I can stay up late and work here. Working from home is going good, things were simplified a bit. I think it's going well. Got a lot of numbers together. I cleaned up, tidied. We did a little hike, and Ma and Pa and Celia went one way on a fork and didn't tell me and it took them a while to notice I wasn't with them (and I hollered to locate and no response). Celia texted me to find where I was at (up the stairs of the path). Dinner was salad nisewozz. Not now it's spelled, but I prefer it that way. It was put out on that cool platter that I got from work. With the eggs and veggies painted on it. Nice to eat all that healthy food. And then we had cake and tea and watched Big Trouble. Beloved wonderful comedy. Excellent ensemble cast.

Ma and Pa and I listed to the Nubbins story from Risk! and watched Galavant. Then they went up to the garage and I knocked out some work.